Tempers A Flare at "Quick Builds"

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  • orangefatcat

    Have any of you noticed that when "Quick Built", KH. were being done that many tempers flared amongst brothers. Some were vicious and cruel and rude. Even swearing..

    I knew this one brother who is a builder and contractor for our new KH. in Bradford. Ontario. and he even worked at Bethel from time t o time anyways this one day he would lambaste another witness who was around 18 or 19yrs old and was told in a berating fashion that his work was no good enough or that he had forgotten to do something. I seen him fight with other elders. He even was livid that the door and latch system to the KH was not on the premises when he needed it . He was like a rabid beast. I offered to go to Toronto to pick up this door and latch that was so important. He wasn't even nice to me, he was demanding in his tone and a miserable grouch. This elder was an important elder in that he worked for the Toronto Bethel construction. You know the type prestegious and all. I can well imagine how he treated others at those building sights.

    Have any of you experienced such treatment by brothers.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    No, not by brothers. However this type of treatment is standard fare in the construction trade. As an architect, I have occasion to be on construction sites all the time. I am continually appalled at how ruthless the construction trades are.

  • avishai

    I've seen lot's of it

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    sheesh. i would have loved to have seen that 18-year-old young man say "fine, you do it then" and drive away.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... I'm an old-timer... and can remember waaay back before the 'quick builds'.

    Back in them days, halls used to take many months. I had no job - and lots of time - so went 'out in service' during the weeks, and to the 'hall building' project on the weekends.

    Spent many weekends there. Didn't have any real building 'skills', but helped out where I could. (Heck - I was a teenager.)

    Well... they got their hall finished - and two of the 'elders' approached me, and sorta in private - asked me to go back to my 'own hall'. They said something about me needing to return to my own congregation, field service, etc etc etc.

    Well... I was a bit introverted back then... and was mortified that I was being talked to... and shrunk away quietly.

    Little did they know - I was getting in more 'service time' than I had in a long time - during the week days - and was doing more than I had in a long time.

    Chiffraedo and Green. For some reason, those names come to mind. Not sure if I should mention names here or not. They meant well... but they shoulda gotten the facts before they told me to hit the road.

    Oh well. When they tore that hall down to make room for a new 'assembly hall' - I was still married, and the wife and kiddo were into going to 'quick builds'. They did their best to get me involved... I told them "no thanks. Getting run off one project is enough for me."


    Jim TX

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Oh well. When they tore that hall down to make room for a new 'assembly hall' - I was still married, and the wife and kiddo were into going to 'quick builds'. They did their best to get me involved... I told them "no thanks. Getting run off one project is enough for me."

    good for you! forgive me, but if those elders really meant well, they would have said "thank you, young man, for all your hard work". as it was, they killed your desire to help out in future builds, and made you feel bad about it.

  • coldfish

    Well I've never been to a quick build, but 10 yrs ago when my father was a JW and an elder, he was in charge of something to do with the quick build planning.

    One particular quickbuild he spent 400 hrs on it with the planning stage, before it is actually built. *400 hrs*

    Yet the other elders in the congregation rounded him up and said 'You aren't getting your 10 hrs a month field service in, you need to set a good example to other JWs'

    He was already questioning JW doctrine at that stage, but that was just the last straw. He was doing far more in JW activity than a lot of other elders, still being the WT conductor etc too at the time and yet being told he wasn't doing enough.

    It p*sses me off when they are more concerned with outward shows of activity and the amount of hours spent preaching than the time and effort put into overall service

  • ballistic

    My hands have alkaline burns from handling cement on kingdom hall builds as a teenager. No one told me anything about safety.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hi Orange, how are ya?

    Do they still do Quick Builds? I've haven't been keeping up with reading my latest watchtower *choke*

    Hope you are all well.



  • Bryan

    I was in one once. The servant who was a carpenter. He was about 40 and I was 21. It was a remodel, and I was the bricklayer on the job. All I remember is walking across the driveway with my tools in tow and him following me, yelling at me. There was a meeting and he was told to apologize. It was obvious it was not his idea or want.


    Have You Seen My Mother

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