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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy and welcome

  • Goldminer

    Welcome TheEdge,

    I'm from northern Ontario,Canada.I'm fairly new here and I find it amazing that many people from all over the world have similar jw experiences,especially about the general lack of love and the high ratio of depressed jw's.I hope to someday write my complete story,I have some very interesting stuff to tell,for now,I'm still hanging know,too much family problems.

    Anyways,stick around,lots of smart people here,and quite a few with a good sense of humour also,so enjoy yourself .


  • frenchbabyface

    Welcome !!!

  • Jez

    WELCOME! I always congratulate newbies because the courage to seek answers for yourself and to question is not easy when you are mingled in with this religion. Regirgitation of material at the WT study and book studies is NOT studying, it is indocrination.

    So good on ya for learning what 'studying' really means!


  • FairMind

    Welcome. You will enjoy this website and might like to surf some other sites like ?Silent Lambs?. I like you, have gained much encouragement from reading of the personal experiences of others. Isn?t it amazing how similar many of their experiences are when compared to our own experiences? I for one look forward to you posting some of your experiences.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Nice idea TheEdge! Haha! Welcome to the forum.

  • Brummie
    both drawing attention to how lives have been wasted due to false prohesy - and I thought (after reading how the society is claiming compensation for surviving - or dead! - victims of Nazi persecution), if ex- JW's are seeking same (FROM the WTBTS) for being victims of false prophesy (eg, they have no pension fund etc. as they relied on this)

    Very good observation!

    Welcome aboard edge,


  • Tahoe

    Hi and welcome!

  • pr_capone

    Hello and welcome! Stick around for a bit, its a very enjoyable place.

    Dont feed the Valis.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Miss_MG

    Always nice to have someone new join us Welcome

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