I need to make a very important decision

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  • crizlee

    Ok in 5 months I could move out of the house, when i turn 18 on may 5, with my teacher who offered me to stay for a few months until i go to college or I could room with my friend whose got an apartment not far from here. Or I could stay at home starting at June 1 i wont have anything to do with this religion except ill have to pay my own bills and such. Now I just got accepted to Texas A&M and University of Texas, and I want to go to UT but my parents wont support me for that. Im starting my FAFSA as I type this, Im going to try to claim as independent, and Im doing the same for my W-4 form, but I dont know if i could do that if I still live with my parents. I also applied for this full college ride scholarship with the navy and im confident that Ill get it. But Ill definitely need money for college, my parents will support me if I go to Texas A&M. If I do stay Ill have a vehicle and if I leave I wont have a vehicle. If i get accepted for the navy scholarship ill have to go through some training over the summer. Im thinking I should stay home and move out until Im financially safe stable. On the other hand I dont want to be stuck living in this home, not sure if theyll keep their end of the deal. And on the other hand this navy scholarship will make things easier for now and what I want to do in the future.

  • jgnat

    K, to help with important decisions, draw a line down the middle of a page. On the top of your page, write down a scenario, like, "Get the navy scholarship". List all the advantages of the decision on the first side, the disadvantages on the other. Write up similar sheets for each of your decisions. Sometimes just the weight of advantages versus disadvantages will make the choice obvious. If you are still unsure, rate the advantages and disadvantages.

    For instance, if independence and freedom from meetings is VERY IMPORTANT to you, highlight those advantages on your sheets.

    On the other hand, financial security and ease of transportation is VERY IMPORTANT, highlight those.

  • crizlee

    hmm the navy scholarship will insure my financial security but ill be without transportation. Ill need it to get the college, but not if I live on campus.

  • Scully

    Go for the scholarship. You can tell your parents that you don't want to "burden" them financially.

    If you go this route, they will not be able to manipulate you by holding their financial assistance to the fire to make you cooperate with their conditions. You think that you won't be going to meetings once you're 18? Watch what happens if you decide to go the college route and let them "help" you... the next thing you know, your tuition and other financial support will be contingent upon your meeting attendance and Spiritual Progress?.

  • crizlee

    know how i can claim as independent on my FAFSA? i just got Form W-4 today, and my dad says i cant claim myself as independant on it. I dont know why. is it cuz i live with my parents still? My parents bring a heavy income so I know i wont be getting any financial help if I claim as dependant.

  • confusedjw

    It is very hard to claim independent, according to the financial person at my college. As long as you are living at home there is not a chance. Sorry, the rule is very unfair in my opinion.

  • czarofmischief

    Wish I'd joined the Navy at your age. Trying for USAF now - but it may be too late. It's not as easy as it would have been.

    anyway, it's up to you - but don't let the religion influence your decision. Believe me, it's the wrong path.


  • gypsywildone

    Is there a high school guidance counsellor you could explain your situation to? Or even a college counsellor? If you move out with the teacher, you will be able to claim independant. Otherwise, if your parents refuse to fill out that FAFSA, you're screwed. You may be able to get special help for financial aid from the college.

  • Valis

    Don't forget to check out www.fastweb.com for scholarship opportunities. AND best of luck! I moved out at 17 and I know it isn't easy.


    District Overbeer

  • gypsywildone


    Has anyone actually gotten anything out of fastweb besides spam?

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