It's freezing!! I love it!! My backyard rink!!

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  • outbutnotdown

    I said it last year and I'll say it again.......... I just love my backyard rink..

    I taught all of my children (4) how to skate on my backyard rink. Besides that, the life-lessons that they have learned extend beyond what words could express.

    I never thought that I would be so passionate about a rink, yet, I feel that it is a display of my love/dedication to my children that I needed to share it.

    Is there something in your life that is a symbol of your dedication to youir kids?


  • Brummie

    Sounds like fun. Can't you post a pic of you're rink?

    (why does my question sound wrong?)


  • outbutnotdown


    Your question does not sound "wrong" to me. I will try to post a pic of it.

    I just bought a cheap digital camera. I can't promise the quality, but I WILL post some pics of it. Any help/advice on how to do that would be appreciated.


  • Scully
    Is there something in your life that is a symbol of your dedication to your kids?

    Does the balance on my Visa statement or the overdraft on my chequing account count?

  • Brummie

    OK, get the pic onto you're PC, then go here:

    Then just press the upload button on that url, then post the url here

    Hope this helps

  • outbutnotdown

    k..... thanks Brummie.

    When it gets light, I will do so and hopefully you can see the reason for my passion.

    I am also interested in hearing other people's thoughts on things that they do (similar to my making a rink) that they consider to be "for the kids". I always need new ideas.

    Brad (of the "I need to go out and watch the water freeze for a moment" class.)

    BTW, Brummie, do you get to go skating in England? IMO, one of the "perks" of living in Canada. Sorry, bikerchic for using profanity. No offense intended.

  • Brummie
    BTW, Brummie, do you get to go skating in England?

    Yes, it was a big JW thing when i was younger in the borg, we went to indoor skating arenas and met so many JWs that way. Then we had a convention talk which discouraged it, not because skating was wrong but because a lot of younger people were going there without having any adults around, so it died down a lot.

    Where I live now in Somerset I seldom see ice pools outside but back in Birmigham all pools and canals used to ice up and many people skated on them, so we did a lot of that sort of stuff

  • bikerchic
    Sorry, bikerchic for using profanity. No offense intended.

    I replied to your PM. Like I said in a thread I usually don't object in fact prefer *'s be used but in the title it's a different story for me altogether.

    BTW it's freezing rain here, I have icicles hanging off my car! Burrrrrr!!!!! I can't wait until tomorrow when it's supposed to warm up to the high 30's. I wanna go outside but not slip-n-slide!


  • confusedjw

    I just got back from the rink. My son had two goals as we beat a rival HS 2-0.

    Enjoy your rink.

  • outbutnotdown


    Your son got both goals? Congrats!!! Aside from our own bragging rights of being their mother/father isn't it great to just see their joy?

    My son's hilight of the year so far was that they ALL got the MVP award when they won 1-0. It's beautiful to see them respecting each other in such a positive way.


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