Convention and Assembly Food Service

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  • POs Son
    POs Son

    Well, a post from Low-Key Lysmith on another topic got me thinking about the less than memorable food at the conventions and assemblies. Anyone have some thoughts to share?

    I missed the Ham and Cheese on Rye-- it was one item that was actually pretty good. To this day, I cannot drink Shasta (Cola or Mormon, er, Lemon Lime).

    I recall coveting food tickets, and my father insisting on putting the leftover tickets in the 'donation box'.

    PO Son (grown up, and out 12 years)

  • AloneinOh

    I don't remember the food being as bad as some say it was. But, then again, the last assembly I attended was in 81 or 82. I always got to work in the kitchen and was always volunteering in order to miss at least a few of the talks. Back then we had real meals. We even had a full breakfast back then. I remember cracking thousands of eggs and stirring huge kettles of oatmeal. At lunch we would have fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs, mashed taters, beans, etc...

    I don't remember if it was good or not....I just remember not having to sit in my seat all day. At the assy hall here they also had a farm so I was the one that got to haul the food garbage out back and slop the hogs. More time away from talks.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    The food wasn't the greatest at the DC, but our CA that was another story. Saturdays we would have veal parmsean, salad, mashed potatoes, veggie, dessert etc, or you could get hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, soup etc, and the desserts! They used to hand out pie plates at the bookstudys for the sisters to bake, and any leftover pies you could purchase on Sundays. The line ups were always long for those pies, plus the soft ice cream!

    My hubby was in the Italian circuit, and their food was even better!


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    This is what I miss the most about conventions. Working in the cafeteria gave us a sense of commeraderie that has totally disappeared. At the time, it somehow made up for the nonsense that we had to listen to during the sessions. In fact, some of the brothers got to miss all or part of the sessions because of having to work in the cafeteria. The new "simplified" arrangement assured that no one would have to miss the "spiritual" food.

    Now that I am no longer attending meetings I have an urge to become part of something. The other day when my husband and I were driving by a church, I remarked how much fun it must be for the parishioners when they have bake sales, outings, and other activities. Wish we could become part of something, but we would be DF'd for sure. Not ready for that yet.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Exactly Bonnie_Clyde,

    You got to work with and know other people outside your cong. People don't at the assemblies don't talk to anyone they don't know (or it seems like it too me). When you work together you can talk and get to know someone, exchange phone numbers etc. People are in their own little worlds now.


  • new light
    new light

    Working in food service as a kid was a blast, at the time. I remember being really young and dreaming of being older and working behind the scenes. Unlimited access to the Sara Lee Apple Danish and Muff-N-Egg. It made an otherwise long assembly fly by and gave a sense of importance.

  • lonelysheep

    You mean you didn't have to bring your own cooler of food?!

  • FairMind

    I especially liked the Hoagies. I?m not hard to please and thought the food was quite all right. I always ate so much that I couldn?t stay awake for the afternoon session.


  • 95stormfront
    I especially liked the Hoagies

    Oh no........not the Je-hoagies !!!!

  • Valis


    start of with a couple danishes, usualy still not thawed, but yummy w/chocolate milk. Then buy a couple egg muffins and a shasta to eat till lunch time. Beef on rye w/mayo, corn chips and pudding. Buy extra chips and 2 shatsas to have...and maybe extra pudding or something if there was a drama.

    But at Circuit assemblie I remember when i finally got old enough to make the donuts at the Arlington Circuit Hall. They actually had pretty good stuff from what I remember. Except I never liked the chicken. The enchiladas however were my faves as a kid. Eh and by the time I hit my teens they had soft serve ice cream. But that all came to an end and they shut down the kitchen and went sctrictly sandwishes and so forth. One of the things I always remember thinking at the Arlington location was seeing the kitchen shut down and dark and the place right across from it where I washed a zillion trays. Dry as a bone. Odd


    District Overbeer

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