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    Been there


    I don't know how to find it anywhere but I think my JW aunt heard about it 40 years or so ago.

    I had a cousin who was about 11 at the time, she loved her long blond hair. She spent time taking care of it. I guess she spent too much time looking at it in the mirror and didn't do something she was suppose to do because one day my aunt dragged her by it and took sissors and hacked it all off very short saying it was a sin to love herself that she was conceited. It broke my cousins heart.

    It took me many years to even start to forgive my aunt for all the mean things she did to me and my cousins. I thought of her as a Witch. She was a strong JW, but a horrible person.

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    Peppermint, are you sure it wasn't Whitney Houston that sang that song, 'The Greatest Love of All?'

    The org. prefers that we hate ourselves so we can stay under their control! What did Jesus say were the greatest commandments? Love God, neighbor and SELF!


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    Thanks heaps all,

    Thanks Been There, I truly thought I was going mad. I'm still struggling with this issue even after all these years so it seems it must have been a very early teaching because of course the younger you are the more like a sponge your little mind is. I've been trying to get to the core or earliest memory of my lack of self love so thought I'd delve once again into the JW doctrines and didn't have the resources so thanks again. By the way I may have stuffed up and posted this subject twice coz this wonderful forum has changed lots since I was last here about three years ago. Apologies if so.


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