Meetings Are For Morons!

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  • Dustin

    I despised meetings after I became a teenager. It always sucked having to go to the meetings, when I should have been playing sports instead.


  • JustTickledPink

    I also agree and tend to try to stay away from the words that might imply anything to do with being a retard, since that means mentally handicapped or disabled.

    Being mislead is a better term, but once someone has been shown the truth about the truth and refuses to see anything different then I do believe they display something other than being mislead. That is an informed choice.

  • cab1000

    I am with you on this one! A many Tuesday and Thursday night, and Sunday Morning I have rejoiced in this thought.

    Remembr dressing up AFTER work, driving to the KH, talking w/ppl you would never really normally talk to, sit quietly bored, w/small children for two hours or so, talk again to the same ppl, drive home.....then rest....arrgg... repeat...

    It is good to reflect on what your "missing"...

  • minimus
    minimus doesn't mean that one is automatically a "moron" because they "had" to go. But there comes a time in many of our lives that we still went---even though we knew it was bullcrap.

  • undercover

    See, now you clarified it some more. Your post above even mentioned going when you didn't want to but the thread title is "Meetings are for Morons". That makes it sound like anyone who goes is a moron. But thanks for the clarification. I don't feel so bad about going all those years now.

    Maybe it should be "Meetings are for Mormons"

  • minimus

    Undercover, you moron, you shoulda known better!

  • undercover

    at least you didn't call me a Mormon...

  • Maverick

    I wrote some of my best poems and short stories sitting there acting like I gave a shit!

  • Undecided

    I didn't mind going to the meeting, I just hated to be responsible for preparing them, and assigning all the parts, and being the ministry school servant, watchtower study conductor, and congregation book study conductor all at the same time.(And also the PO) I finally just burned out and moved away, and when I came back I didn't go back to the hall.

    Ken P.

  • frenchbabyface

    "morons" might be too much (brainwashed is more appropriate) ... but losers for sure (time at least and more depends of the degree of involvment).

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