Power of Nightmares re-awakened

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  • ScoobySnax


    It is a tricky one. Do you think "peace and co-operation" was evident between the Muslim world and the West the day after 9/11? I don't think America wanted this conflict. I understand that it goes back way before this, but a distinction needs to be made here between the Muslim world and Muslim "fanatics" . I'm not really how sure America should have responded after 9/11, but what really haunted me was seeing all them fanatics jumping about and handing out sweets in celebration of the Twin Towers destruction. I sort of hated them then. And to be honest I still do. On the other hand, I watched a BBC documentary about where an Iraqi man showed us around his city and his family during the conflict, and he was the most reasonable and kind man you could ever have met, he cried about what was happening, and it made me think how awful that he was living in fear like this everyday.

    I thought I had lots of stuff to write to continue this, but I guess I just am not elequent enough to argue the point, and thinking more I wonder if there is even a point. I just think its awful that man does this to man. I think it is wrong to bash America though for taking action when they did. Whats wrong is the innocents that get caught up in between. That Iraqi man and his family x 1000 and those people starting work in the offices of the WTC that day with families at home.


  • Simon

    If you watch the programme you will see that it was the last roll of the dice by discredited and dwindling Islamic Jihad types who had failed to instigate Islamic uprisings in many countries.

    America's response was everything that they hoped for and put them right back on the map. Instead of going after the people behind it, Bush and Co used it as an excuse to invade Iraq and started using their own fanatic language of "crusades".

    It was what the NeoCons had been wanting so they could put in place their agenda.

    All the lies and the language about WoMDs in Iraq were practically word for word perfect with what they also said about the threat from Russia which was overhyped.

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    Yeah, but Real Alt doesn't seem to do embedded Real video - at least not in Firefox.

    It does embedded with Firefox just fine here....

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    Yeah it works for me on many sites - but not always - and the site where you can watch Power of Nightmares doesn't. For me anyway. :)

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