How many "ascended the mountain", and didn't see "the light"?

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  • codeblue

    Sorry about the last "unpost"

    When I was in a plane ride 1999...I was sitting beside a person that was anti-witnessing to me..(at that time I was a full fledged JW)...he told me that Bethel in NY was not all that was cracked up to be...I thought he was an apostate!!!!) But I was much to kind to say the word and I just listened with respect.. But never forgot the conversation, to this day.

    Maybe there was a "reason" I was to hear this message but it took me 4years to click in!!!!

    Why did it take 4years to see the light?

    Maybe, seeing the Dateline 2002 about the serious Pedophile problem within the WTBS was what crack my "rose colored glasses".


  • upside/down

    Yes , we offered the poor guy (I think a $20) but he refused to take it.

    His family was from Connecticut and was suffering financially since both boys were at Bethel and the family cleaning business was suffering. Both he and his brother were leaving Bethel soon to go back and help. I just remember him being very depresssed (although VERY nice to us) and saying that their family would not be in this financial mess if he and his bro hadn't believed all the BS about putting themselves and their family "in line for blessings", by going to Bethel. He did say very subtly that Bethel was not "as people paint it or as it appears." At the time I just dismissed it without too much thought.

    I asked him how an entire family could stand in the middle of the entry of the Bosert (sp) and NO ONE take notice or offer to help us, till he showed up. There were tons of bro's and sis' there. His "pad" was something too- nothing like the pictures in the mags or the "palace" the bro who studied with me has at Patterson. It was dark and gloomy and reminded my of my druggy step bro's room in the late 70's (bean bag chairs, stereo, some posters). I'm surprised he wasn't busted for wearing an old army surplus camo jacket. He said the bro's where he worked in the dungeon kitchen were more "relaxed" and "liberal" than the goody goods elsewhere.

    Either way, the illusion was destroyed and I have a BAD ATTITUDE for not perpetuating the myth that is BETHEL.

    p.s.- I didn't think anyone else knew the connection of the word Bethel OT to Baal worship. I was told I was WRONG when I pointed that out.



  • upside/down


    u/d (of the doin it for the newbies class)

  • tetrapod.sapien

    thanks, u/d, for bringing this really great thread back to the top. i think your experience and the others here, are awesome, in the apostate truthful sort of way.

    i have been to several bethels when i was pioneering about nine years ago. but like you say, the lack of love and sincerety is abundant at all the bethels:

    canadia: totally depressing. it's like the geriatric wing of a hostpital, but with lots of young guys who act like old guys thrown in for good measure. not much else to say.

    brooklyn: uninspiring apart from the view of manhattan. actually, anti-climatic. but that was fixed later in portugal (see below). being in NYC was the great part.

    wakill and patterson: again, uninspiring. no one interested in me at all. just another number coming for a tour. like all tours. no holy spirit.

    france: exciting because the government was kicking some JW ass at the time. fired up my persecution complex like nothing else.

    rome: situated on an official roman archaeological site, with their own wine cellar and vinyard! so that was cool. young bro giving me the tour took the afternoon off work somehow, and we drank all afternoon in his room. first introduction to grappa. lol! he tought me how to say i am canadian in italian sign language. that was hilarious. he was sicillian, and said everything from the heart. i bet he's not even a wit anymore now that i think about his rare personality. the highlight of rome though, was visiting the vatican, lol.

    portugal: i got to spend a few nights there. they had beer and wine with diner, so that was cool, and had a great view of the atlantic. i was late for breakfast every morning. i guess i shouldn't have stayed up so late at night with that bethelite sister. so, without much more to say, portugal was the best ascention of any holy mounting i have ever experienced. i could finally feel the love... amen.

    TS (of the paying my dues to bethel class)

  • upside/down
    portugal was the best ascention of any holy mounting i have ever experienced

    Sounds more like the "valley of persuasion" was visited?

    u/d (of the glad he's not alone class)

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Sounds more like the "valley of persuasion" was visited?

    indeed, indeed. he he he...

  • roybatty

    My sister married a "Bethel lifer" so when we visted a few years ago we got to see and do a lot of the "good stuff" (gag). Ate a couple of meals with the Bethelites, went to the farm, got to see the art department and the "secret" library with all the old WT publications. Was neat see the Christmas invitations and pictures of them celibrating X-Mas.

    Anyway, all it did for me was confirm that it's a big business and I felt sorry for my sister the WT slave.

  • luna2

    tetripod! And you a holy pioneer too! God, was I ever a naive dope. LOL

    Great thread u/d! I've never been to Brooklyn Bethel even tho I'm only two hours away. My son went about ten years ago and I thought he'd come back all fired up to become a Bethelite and excited about "ascending the holy mountain", but noooooo. He had more to say about the drive into NYC and about the fake rolex watch he bought from a street vendor. I was so disappointed.

  • greendawn

    Amazing how they got tricked into thinking that they slaving away for god whereas they are slaves of a human org that will kick them out as soon as they disagree, without offering them any compensation for all the years of service. What a risk they take to work for such people.

  • tetrapod.sapien
    God, was I ever a naive dope. LOL

    luna, don't worry, i was a naive dope too, ...until that first night...LOL...i never thought in my wildest dreams that something like that would ever happen to me. (well, okay, but only in my very wildest)

    another thing i remember about talking with bethelites, was them always saying that bethel life "it's not for everyone". i always thought they meant having to get up so early in the morning all the time. later i started to realize that it's not for everyone because not everyone has the mental gymnastic ability to see what they see, hear what they hear, and still think they have a swell personal relationship with joe hoba.

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