who can you trust when talking about organizational questions?

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  • LittleToe

    Nos:God needs to drop two places, in that WTS list, IMHO.

    But your point is completely on the mark!

  • AlmostAtheist

    "Trust no one" might sound sort of dark and "conspiracy theory-ish", especially since you feel like you can, in fact, trust your friend at the hall and your girlfriend. It's not that you can't trust them in general, but only in this one narrow matter of having questions about the organization. Your friend at the hall will feel like it is in *your* best interests if he consults with an elder about your questions. They in turn will feel like they are doing *you* a favor by meeting with you and trying to "set you straight", but by that time you've tipped your hand and they know you aren't fully on board.

    You trust your friends to help you, and that's exactly what they'll do. All with your best interests in mind, as far as they're concerned.

    "Head for the hills" is very good advice!


  • VM44
    She wants me to get baptized.

    If you get baptized, then you will be pledging to obey and believe everything "God's Spirit Directed Organization" tells you to do or believe. You will be joining a cult under the direction of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society!

    This is what the baptism vows mean in practice!


  • Jahna

    Hello Buck

    The Watchtower prides themselves on being God?s only channel and the bearer of truth. That is a mighty powerful statement, therefore the ball is squarely in their court to now explain and prove this statement. If they honestly had truth, this would not be an issue. They would not get upset because they are confident of their truth. They would also have intelligent, logical and reasonable answers to all of your questions. Watchtower truth is so firmly felt by the rank in file it should have the same concrete foundations as gravity, and that is how soundly those who explain it to you should feel. You can not doubt the existence of gravity.

    An old Rom proverb states, ?those who would make you afraid, are afraid themselves.? How perfect is that statement in regards to the Watchtower. See, they make you afraid to question your doubts, because they are afraid they can not answer you. Issues such as the NGO, are rather difficult to squirm out of, proof exists and their excuse fairly thin, their own publications side against them. Their very own principles (as my Grandfather always said, ?there maybe no rule for it, but there is always a principle.?) haunt them. They are afraid in light of this age of information (see the squashing of the Quotes site ect), now they must make you very afraid if they are to bring you into their fold.

    Shake off your fear, stand fast and demand valid answers. You may loose your relationship because if it, but can you deny yourself, your concept of truth for anyone? In any and every area of life, only you can determine what is best for you. If this is to be your faith, then it must be as rock solid as gravity. Nothing less is worthy of your time, attention and life.


  • cyberguy

    Welcome to the board Buck!

    Skip the questions IMHO. However, here's some short advice: RUN!

  • gumby

    I'll bet a buck, Buck won't be back.


  • Honesty

    I met my ex-wife the very day I was baptised. I trusted everything the Society said and had privileges out the yang-yang until I started reading the Bible (Not the New World Order Translation) on my own and comparing the scriptures to what was being said as truth. I'm out on my own choice but would have been in front of a Judicial Committee (check the scriptures to see just how the Jews held judicial matters and then compare) for causing dissension on account of the UN and the RAND ENGINE stock if I had not made the first move, well actually the WTBTS made the first move by disassociating itself from God and Jesus with their UN involvement. I will never go back no matter what. Nosferatu has it right except that God needs to dropped 2 levels down and Jesus ain't even in the picture except when they feel like mentioning him at the end of a prayer. Tell them you are praying to Jesus and see how fast they run from you.

    They hate most of us here even though we still love them in principle. They are so afraid of sites like this that they sic their thug lawyers on them to try to shut us up. However, the truth shall prevail and all things will brought to light but not their New Light which is really a blinking light Yes, you can one day No, you can't the next and back and forth just to see how many will follow them to their own demise.

    But you should make your own decision. Especially don't listen to me because I'm more vocal than most here.

  • confusedjw

    Seriously - there is another thread right now where a Mother turned in her Son for not believing in Adam and Eve anymore and they have been inactive for 6 years and no meetings for 4 years.

    He was Disassociated by his beliefs the Elders said.

    Wow that mom really protected the congregation.

    Go ahead start asking tough questions about the Society and do yourself a favor first - stuff a piece of coal up the ass of the person you are asking. Diamonds are forever.

  • Valis

    Hey Buck, we already gave you advice on the fisrt thread you started...try ingesting that first...


    District Overbeer

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