were there any embarassing moments in the congregation?

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  • confusedjw
    I recall an incident with a Black sister whose toddler pulled her wig off and threw it out into the isle.

    As opposed to a "regular" sister? I'm not trying to be a turd, but why do we white people do this? If we relate a story, even if it bears no relevance, we often note it when it involves a black person.

  • cruzanheart
    Its really hard when your teenagers and you are close friends and then on the platform you try to be serious.

    Teenagers? My best friend and I lost it when we were in our twenties, and she was a wife and mother of two. Once the giggle button has been activated, it NEVER stops.

    Okay, I have a couple of stories. One is from St. Croix, where a young, earnest brother had the privilege of passing the microphone (which was attached to a long metal rod so he could reach to the middle of the row) during the Sunday meeting. He was obviously daydreaming and allowed the mike to go up in his hand, where it promptly made contact with the ceiling fan. Woke everybody up.

    The other story is about a little old lady who had book study in her home in Arlington, Texas. She had a cat named Bubbles, who was the apple of her eye and was allowed the run of the house, even during book study (to the chagrin of the book study conductor, who couldn't stand the cat and the feeling was mutual). When Bubbles was a kitten, she had a bad habit of climbing up people's backs to sit on their shoulders. The elderly lady decided to break her of that habit by squirting her with water every time she did it. Unfortunately, the dear old thing (human) had cataracts and couldn't QUITE see what she was aiming at. Anyone who attended that book study knew to bring a raincoat. First, you felt the claws in your back -- then you saw an 80-year-old Rambo taking aim at you with a water gun.

    Woke everybody up.


  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen
    When we sang after the meeting one time, she decided to let one rip between verses.

    KayKay, that was just her way of spicing up those crappy kindom melodies! My kids call 'The Blue Danube Waltz' the putt-putt song.

  • rosemary

    My Boyfriend has long time been friends with a man the same age as him....his mother was a JW but he is not....she was elderly....sadly Peggy she died last year.....My boyfirnd is not a JW....but went to the memorial service as so did many non JW's....during the memorial one of the elders said "sadly Peggy cannot be here, she is unable to attend".......

    i guess all the non JW's threw him of course..........

  • rosemary

    I just loved all the farting stories on here....they make me laugh my socks off...........thank you....

  • California Kid
    California Kid

    Here are a couple of stories that I remember: One time in the early 80's, an elder was conducting the Watchtower Study and the article was about how we must nurture our studies, but he said we must NEUTER our studies. The whole congo was in stitches. Once an elder was giving a Ministry School part about using proper pronunciation, yet he kept saying "Proper Pronounciation". Sadly, probably only a few knew the difference. Once I was reading at our book study from the "Greatest Man" book and during the one about the woman with a flow of blood touches Jesus. Well, one of the sisters said that she thought that the woman may have been a relative of Jesus. Nobody had heard of that, and I said, without thinking, it was his Aunt Flo. The entire book study was in stitches, and the brother conducting didn't hear what I said, and nobody told him what was wrong. Another time, during the same book, I was reading the part where Peter takes his sword and cuts off the soldier's ear. The reading is something like "whose ear Peter cut off", but I said "whose Peter cut off". Once again, everyone was rolling. Thank goodness we had a pretty conservative group! There was this one brother who was very sincere but he had a very bad stuttering problem, and it was very hard to listen to him read for five minutes, but doggonit he did it and it took juevos.

  • badboy

    what this about neutering the children?

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