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  • garybuss

    Hey Gill, The Watch Tower under Rutherford arrogantly called themselves "The Theocracy" and a "Society". It was the term "Society" that stuck and hangs on today, although the Corporation owners are trying to get the unpaid workers not to refer to headquarters and "The Society" when referring to where their directions come from.

    The Witness group behaves more like a gang than a religion or a business. That's why they have angered so many people and have made enemies of people like me.

    Witnessism is sort of like a disease. It gets in through the ears.

  • Gill

    Hi Gary,

    Their legal department certainly acts like a bunch of underpaid thugs and houdlums.

    So if they do not like their slaves, (whoops sorry staff) to refer to them as the Society what do they call themselves now. Have they given in to 'religion' or are they above any kind of title. I've certainly seen the phrase 'religious beliefs' oh and also 'religious freedom' quoted in the mags but are they comfortable with being called a religion now?

    Also, do they have to pay tax on their investments such as Rand Energy or are they exempt because of religious status?

    There must be a really good legal firm out there who could make mincemeat out of the WTBTS and show it for what it really is, a money grabbing cult.

  • garybuss

    Hey Gill, Now they refer to the "Society" as "Bible trained conscience".

    As a business, they are very successful. I am sure there are those at some level who are very satisfied by it all.

    As a rule, a not for profit corporation does not pay income or often, real estate tax. That's why it is so easy for them to accumulate much in assets. Some parts of a non profit can be subject to taxation but it's my guess that it's a small part of the Watch Tower income, if any.

  • hillary_step


    There are worst things than being stupid. Being Melita Jaracz *and* stupid for example.


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