Jimmy Carter Said IT Again!

by Swan 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • under74

    I refuse to believe Jimmy Carter is the anti-christ......he's a peanut farmer and a carpenter (just like jesus).

    GWB on the other hand has me wondering........

    Anyway, the term "peace and security" isn't a new one as previous posts have pointed out. Jws get in a tizzy over anything so these three words shouldn't make much of a difference.

  • FairMind

    Yes, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George Bush and others have said the phrase “peace and security”. What people are misunderstanding is this is not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The prophecy says, “Whenever they are saying peace and security”. Jimmy, Gerald, George and the others are not “they”. Mark my words, when “they” use this phrase the end will come but not until then. I wanted to share this profound thought before I refilled my vodka tumbler.


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