can my dad see what internet sites I have been to?

by filip 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    some parental controls have the capability to send instant messages to the parents' email when the child enters an objectionable site. i would never use such tactics, because i think parents who spy on their children don't trust them or respect them. until you obtain your own computer and own account, you can't be 100% sure he can't monitor your internet useage. nothing is foolproof.

  • ballistic

    I asked my ISP what my usage statistics are - they took two weeks to reply to my email with the answer that they didn't know.

  • VM44
    As long as you clear the history and delete temporary internet files and cookies, you should be OK.

    To be sure, you have to go directly to the "Temporary Internet Files" folder and delete all files there manually.

    Even after clicking the "Delete files" button in the browser there still may be plenty of old internet files still present in the temp folder, HTML files, images and so on.


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