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  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    When my JW hubby was dying..His JW Mom and sister stayed with us for a few weeks. His Mom made sure to keep telling him that in the "New World" god would find him "another wife"!

    Since death would disolve our marrige and I had dissasociated myself years ago!

    At his memorial service some brothers wouldn't even look at me.(The ones that remembered me from the KH I used to attend years ago)Yet their wives came up and told me how sorry they were that he died.

    The brothers told me they would call on me give me comfort..they never did. Such a loving group.

    They didn't even have time to come and see him when he was dying.They were too busy redoing the assembley hall for the CO coming to visit.

    Such a loving group.

    If hubby were still alive..I would gladly go to the KH with him.

    Cause they are such a "Loving Group"!


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