Shopping for a new bed

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Carefully Faded, I bet you have a Simmons Beauty Rest - the Bowling Ball Bed - the "do not disturb" bed.

    We bought one about 4 years ago. I don't sleep well, and any disturbance can keep me awake for hours. Kev or I can toss and turn, and no disburbance, unless one of us whacks the other. I absolutely love it! It is firm. And we rotate it about every 6 months for wear, too. No flip I like too.

    Else, if you sleep with someone else and motion is an issue, I highly recommend this mattress.

    Box springs these days are usually only boxes. Platforms for the mattress to sit on. If your box spring is just a box, no you do not need to purchase another. Just a sales ploy (read lie). Unless, of course, you want your fabric to match on the box and mattress.

    Pillow topper mattresses, IMHO, are a waste of money when you can buy a separate pillow top for far less money (Costco has the tempurpedic-type foam topper 2-1/2" thick for $119 queen size). It's usually the pillow top that wears out before the mattress support.

    Price 'em. You'll find a vast difference in prices for the same basic mattress with different custom store names. With a custom in-store name, they don't have to give you a better price for a "comparable" mattress because it has a different name. Another marketing ploy (read lie).

    Good shopping. Don't forget to try them out in the store.


  • Elsewhere
    And we rotate it about every 6 months for wear, too. No flip I like too.

    So you do have a no-flip and it has lasted four years so far? Thats very good.

    Anyone else have a no-flip bed and want to comment on how it has performed?

  • BrendaCloutier


    Kev is 265 and I'm 195, and the bed is holding up very well.

  • DanTheMan
    Are these "no turn" mattresses just a scam so that they manufacturer can save money by only putting one side on the mattress?

    I think they are. It's really half a mattress. The reason you flip a conventional mattress is to prevent impressions from forming in the foam, which decrease the life of the mattress.

    There's a chain here in Columbus called Original Mattress, don't know if they're in your area, but I think they're a pretty decent outfit. Except the president does their commercials, and lately for reasons unknown he's been using advertising space to go off about "secularists" wanting to take the true meaning out of Christmas, so for that reason I can't give a wholehearted endorsement as I hate to see Replicanfundynazis getting money.

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