New unofficial JW web site opportunity?

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  • IT Support
    IT Support

    I've been mulling over Kenneson's recent thread: Unofffical Jehovah's Witness Website Censured . Might this just be the biggest 'own goal' the WT has ever made? And I'm wondering if this might not be a very lucrative (financially and information-wise) opportunity for someone here...

    Let's face it, we're all lazy--ok, maybe too big a generalisation: I'm lazy!--and a web site that makes my life easier is an essential visit.

    We all know the extreme load that WT places on JWs' backs by insisting on hours of Bible reading, personal study and meeting preparation every single week. It's unrelenting. Any web site that makes their lives easier cannot fail to be extremely frequently visited. (The popularity of Bob Desinger's and David Silver's web sites proves there is a huge 'market' for such services.) Human nature being what it is, they will disobey WT's increasingly paranoid diktats to avoid non-official JW web sites, if they find one that provides non-threatening, time-saving, useful information for them.

    Additionally, the weekly nature of the JW schedule means that this huge market would not be 'one hit wonders' but would come back, week after week, for the latest scripture listings and study materials.

    Of course, users would require to register to use the site, giving the site owner a valuable list of 'active' JW email addresses. The service could perhaps be free at first, but after a suitable momentum had been established, might introduce a 'paid for' service.

    And a site with a sufficiently large regular audience might even pull in some advertising revenue.

    It would also be an interesting exercise to be able, when appropriate, to occasionally insert additional relevant information to JWs, e.g. from older publications, that might cause them to start their own questioning process...

    Of course, the site would have to be informative to JWs while remaining 'apostate-neutral,' not being overtly anti-JW, otherwise that would deter too many from returning.

    The only problem with posting this publicly is that it is warning the WT of what may be happening. Apart from feeding their paranoia over the Internet, their only alternative is to unofficially 'authorise' such a site themselves, something their paranoia would never countenance!

    Any thoughts? Or is someone already doing it?

  • Pole

    An interesting black propaganda site:

    and a thread on it:

  • blondie
  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Thanks for the links.

    However, I was thinking more of a small site listing scriptures only, at first, to replace those of Designer and Silver.

    If it became popular, then it could be expanded to also include Ministry School and Service Meeting research. That is where there would be the potential to include references from some of the Society's older publications...

  • jgnat

    How about pre-highlighted Watchtowers in PDF? Think of the time savings!

    Convention notes for skipping teens.

    Pre-answered KM Reviews.

  • ballistic

    What about a talk "dump". Do a talk and dump it on the site, others pay a small fee to download the talk.

  • jgnat

    Gee, I really like that talk dump idea.

  • candidlynuts

    talk dump idea wont work.. the male talks are all but a script now. the womens talk is the only one that has to be " got up" anymore.

  • jgnat

    OK, candidy, I know the talks are scripted, and there are carefully hoarded talk topic lists that occassionally pop up on the internet...but completely scripted? I would have sworn the pimply-faced elders's son who smugly outlined christendom's problems from a ten-year-old article had made some of that stuff up himself.

    How about the talk topic lists posted?

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    jgnat, ballistic, candidly nuts,

    Fantastic ideas, I love them all.

    I'm tempted to add public talks to the list of 'paid for' services, but think that's getting a bit silly.

    So, who's got the skill to build the web site?

    And more importantly, the time to prepare the material?

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