As A JW, Were You Ever Spat On, Stuff Thrown At You, Etc.?

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  • Yizuman

    Any bad situations you run into while door to door? Dogs being sic'ed on you? People say some really vulgar things to you? Get a water hose sprayed on you?



  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    This crotchety old bastard pointed a shotgun @ me and the old man one Sad-turd-day morning. I can still hear my dad praying out loud for protection as we sprinted down the old codger's driveway. I grew up a JW in Utah of all places. Mormons are just like JWs in the fact that they hate anyone who is not their own. I got all kinds of juvenile acts pulled on me as a kid. Beat up alot. etc.

  • Kenneson

    Had a couple of dogs released to scare this other Witness and I one time, but we were on the other side of the fence and they were muzzled. When the owner saw that we didn't leave town as he commanded, he called a cop. But the policeman merely took down our names and didn't stop us.

  • under74

    When I was around 8 I was going door to door with this pioneer lady and an old woman started screaming at us and threw a dead garden snake that hit the pioneer lady woman square in the head. We went back to the car and waited for the others doing the block. This pioneer was kind of stunned I can remember and she kept telling me the lady that threw the snake was an apostate.

  • blondie

    Only by JWs

  • Goldminer

    I remember one time,a brother and I went to a door.The householder just opened the door and let out her big german shepperd as we walked in the porch.The dog just walked right by us like we weren't there.When we got back to the car the brother said to me "wouldn't it be something if tomorrow we read in the paper that this dog attacked someone today?" Must've been a mellow,cause I never heard of it attacking anybody.

  • Mulan

    I had lots of dogs sic'd on me. The worst was a house with a long driveway. I went to the door with one of the kids, rang the bell and no one came. I heard a dog barking, nearer and nearer. Finally a Doberman came running around the house towards us. I was terrified and froze. Finally the owner opened the door and called off the dog (Tinkerbell) and told us to "get lost". We did.

  • Gretchen956

    Never out in the service, but there was a house up the block from us (as a kid) that the whole family hated witnesses. When you walked by their house after school they would scream at you, calling names and throwing rocks. We avoided going that way whenever possible.


  • orangefatcat

    I wasn't in the service, but in high school I had some very bad experinces.

    There were a couple of guys in our class and one of them hated me with a loathing. They would call me all kinds of names. Bible Thumper, Stupid JW etc.. I was beat up many times. One early morning going to my locker this guy came flying across the room and punched my in the middle of back and hurled me into the lockers. I was in terrible pain for days. Another time he and his friend would punch and kick and spit on me lots of times. One day after school the real problem guy was waiting in the shadows and I didn't see him and then before I could do anything he threw me onto the ground and started punching me in my face over and over again and then my stomach and he swore at me and spit on me in my face. I never told my parents until the worst occurence of all. I was leaving the school property and he was waiting for me on the side walk, there was only one way for me to go home so I had no choice, but I knew I was in trouble. So this is what he did . He came up to my face with his face and from the depth of his guts horked hug green mucous and spit it in my face. I called him a filthy pig. Then he started pummelling me and the final straw came as I tried to run away from him and he flung a cigirrette onto my coat. I had long hair at this time. He said your coat is on fire.I could feel my hair syinging. So I ripped of my coat and sure enough the collar was on fire. I then ran out in front of the cars on the road dodging them to get to the other side. Finally when I made it home, my mother and father knew something there was something wrong, as I was beet red on my face and sweating profusely. They asked my what w as wrong. I had no other choice I had to tell them as he ruined my good coat. Well my father was livid and me mother was yelling at me and I told them it wasn't the first time I had been beaten up . My father asked me why I never told them sooner that I was having problems with these two bullies. I just basically thought of it as a form of persecution.

    I told my folks I didn't think it would do any good to tell you because I didn't think you'd do anything about it. Well my father the elder called the police, the school principal, and then the Bethel. When the police arrived at our home, I told them all the things that had been happeining in school and just of the boundry of the school property. The police took down my reports.

    Next day at school I was called to the principal 's office to tell them all about it. Then police came back to our home the next day too and told me and my parents that they went to the guys home and talked to him and his parents. The parents of course were appauled that their son did this, but they told the cops that their son was a real problem and was always getting into trouble. The police told us that because the guy told them what he had done to me for so long and that there was not going to be a trail. He pleaded guilty and was sent to a reformatory until the age of twenty one and then after that he would be going to prison. So I gathered he got quite a bit of time for what he had done to me over the year .

    It was some relief to get him and his buddy away from me. But get a load of this, my parents made me apologize to him for calling him a filthy pig. I was livid, but didn't let my parent know how mad I was for them wanting me to apologize. But I did anyway. He looked at me real funny and couldn't believe I was the one apologizing. Niether could I for that matter..

    Oh well that is the long and the short of my tale. Life as a witness was never dull. Yuck I hated it all.

    Orangefatcat has recuperated and is a happy camper now.

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    I distinctly recall being 'out in the work' one Friday night (we didn't do Saturdays for some reason, was always Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, but I digress), aged about 10 years old.

    That night I had the good fortune to be paired with Sister 'Overzealous to the point of insanity' and we duly began our door knocking, her with a spring in her step and me dragging along behind. So far so good, until we reached one house where the occupant, a man built like an outside toilet, had clearly been partaking of the best part of a distillery for most of the day - and he wasn't a happy drunk either. He had a high level of aggression and I was pretty scared.

    So what would the normal person do? - well, a simple, 'no problem I see you are busy' and then hightail it away down the path. Well, guess again, Sister OZPI decides to engage in a discussion about all the usual stuff, despite the fact this guy is both irrational and twice the size of us. I thought - any minute now he's going to ask us in, and sure enough that's what happened. My response to this was to turn on my heel and leave, and therefore forcing Sister OZPI to back track. She did however point out that I had prevented this man from hearing Jehoober's word and may have cost him his chance of everlasting life in the paradise earth.
    I'm not a parent, but I would quite gladly wring the neck of anyone who put a child of mine in that situation.

    What it makes me realise now is that JWs seem to think Jehoober provides them with an invisible shield that protects them from all kinds of danger. He will save them and sort their lives/problems out for them, thus abdicating them from taking responsibility for their own lives.


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