The Great Tribulation............When??

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    Watchtower 1/15 1970 (not that new!):


    The antitypical unfaithful Jerusalem, Christendom, has had her "beginning of pangs of distress," and her situation and that of the rest of the world has not become less painful since. Jesus? prophecy indicated that the "anguish of nations" and their perplexity would continue, with no improvement. (Luke 21:25, 26) There is yet ahead the "great tribulation" upon the antitypical unfaithful Jerusalem, a tribulation that is bound to affect her worldwide political associates and patrons. Jesus? description of it makes it plain that, like the global flood of Noah?s day, the tribulation threatens all human life in the flesh. (Matt. 24:21, 22, 36-39) If allowed to continue too long, it would exterminate all "flesh." Hence the purpose of God is to shorten the number of "those days" of this unparalleled "great tribulation."?Mark 13:19, 20.


    On account of his "chosen ones" he cuts short the days. How? Back in the year 1925 the suggestion was set out in the leading article of the Watch Tower issue of May 1, entitled "For the Elect?s Sake," that "those days" of the "great tribulation" were cut short in the middle. The explanation was given that the "great tribulation" had begun in 1914 C.E. and that it was not allowed to run its full course then but God stopped World War I in November of 1918. From then on God was allowing an interval for the activity of his anointed remnant of elect Christians before he let the final part of the "great tribulation" resume at the battle of Armageddon and come to its termination. This would allow for sheeplike persons to be saved.?Matt. 25:31-46.


    This explanation sounded good and reasonable back there in 1925, just seven years after World War I and fourteen years before the unexpected World War II, a conflict four times as bad as World War I. But even World War II did not merge into the "war of the great day of God the Almighty" at Armageddon, as some had expected it to do. (Rev. 16:14-16) Here we are, twenty-four years after World War II closed in 1945 and a portion of the anointed remnant of elect ones are still here and the war at Armageddon is still ahead, although getting very close now. Back in 1925 the Bible timetable as set out in the book "The Time Is at Hand," published in the year 1889, was still thought to be correct. Hence it was not calculated that six thousand years of man?s life on earth were yet to end during the 1970?s. Of course, the old timetable for scheduling the events of the Bible and fulfillment of prophecies affected the understanding of matters by the International Bible Students. But now chronology has been reexamined.


    If, as explained in 1925, the first part of the "great tribulation" began in 1914 and ended in 1918, then the time interval by which "those days" of the tribulation are being cut short has extended itself for fifty-one years and is not yet over. Many of the anointed remnant that witnessed the end of World War I in November of 1918 and others that have been added to the remnant since then have grown old, and some have been killed in persecution or died of old age or other causes. For example, in the year 1948, out of 376,393 that celebrated the Lord?s Supper, only 25,395 partook of the bread and wine to testify that they were of that anointed remnant. But on April 1 of the year 1969, out of 2,719,860 that celebrated, only 10,368 partook of the bread and wine. This included quite a number of the remnant who experienced the "beginning of pangs of distress" during World War I. A number of these should survive still longer to see and go through the war of Armageddon, in harmony with Jesus? words, at Matthew 24:33-35:


    "When you see all these things, know that he is near at the doors. Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away [unfulfilled]."


    Were the suggestion made in 1925 true as to cutting short the days of the "great tribulation" in the middle, "for the elect?s sake" (Matt. 24:22, AV), what then? Then the time interval between the opening part of the "great tribulation" and the closing Armageddon part thereof will prove to be around five times as long as the length of the "great tribulation" itself. However, in order to correspond with the events of the first century, from the time of Jesus? departure by ascending to heaven in 33 C.E. to Jerusalem?s destruction in 70 C.E., the antitypical "great tribulation" did not begin in 1914 C.E. Rather, what took place upon Jerusalem?s modern antitype in 1914-1918 was merely "a beginning of pangs of distress" for her and her political allies. The "great tribulation" such as will not occur again is yet ahead, for it means the destruction of the world empire of false religion (including Christendom) followed by the "war of the great day of God the Almighty" at Armageddon against the political allies of Babylonish false religion. In that "great tribulation" the present system of things must end in its religious and political phases.


    It is this coming "great tribulation" that must have its days "cut short" [Greek, kolobo┬┤o], curtailed, lopped off at the extremity, not split in the middle. This is done on account of God?s "chosen ones" and in order that ?some flesh? may be saved. (Matt. 24:21, 22) God has a fixed "day and hour" for the start of that "great tribulation," without any delay. (Matt. 24:36) On account of having by that "day and hour" all the remnant of his "chosen ones" safely outside of the antitypical unfaithful Jerusalem and outside of its associated secular system of things, God can then make it a swift work in executing divine vengeance and destruction upon this entire wicked system of things. As in the case of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E., the number of days of this coming "great tribulation" can be "cut short," there being no need for prolonging them. This will permit also of the saving of ?some flesh? alive through the "great tribulation," since ordinarily frail human "flesh" would, without divine protection, be unable to endure the lengthening too long of this "great tribulation" that will be the worst in all human history.
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    Interesting Narkissos....Thanks.

    ....."unless God cut those days short, no flesh would survive" I take it is yet to occur according to this 1970 WT article (the year I was born!) still 35 years on has there been any new light?

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    Here you go. Phone the wt to get the latest.

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  • gumby

    I know when I was a believing witness, the first place I always went when I had a question was from disfellowshipped apostates. I just felt comfortable. The soiciety also recommends coming to the internet anytime a publisher has a questiuon on the organisations stance on any matter. Get your butt out .....or stay in for christs sake. Your ass must be full of splinters from staddling the fence as long as you have.


  • ScoobySnax

    Oh Gumby!!! Its just all so black an white ain't it. It must be marvelous to be as descisive as you clearly are. The last I remembered a publisher was an active JW who went door to door, I am not that. I was not directly questioning the Society as you say,otherwise I'd go back to the meetings as Brad said. I was simply throwing a question open to the forum, as I thought I'd made clear. You know first night back, Still good to see you again, and btw, if you're not are more than welcome to pop round and pick the splinters out of my arse...I'll put the kettle on.


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    The world ended in 1914 and the great tribulation was cut short in 1918 except we don't teach that anymore and in 1970 the idea was changed and now the end of the world will be in the future. The judging of the anointed took place in 1919 because we needed a faithful and discreet slave to publish literature and build buildings but some of the faithful and discreet slave have not been faithful or discreet so they were replaced with much younger people who may prove to not be faithful or discreet too.

  • ScoobySnax

    Thanks Gary.

  • Satanus

    It's like i thought, you don't really want the answer, or you already know the answer. What you may want is a congregation of your own.


  • ScoobySnax

    thats just silly.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Hi Scooby!

    You might find the information you are looking for in this thread:

    Maybe the great tribulation is going to end up sat on the shelf next to the 7000 year creative day teaching!

    Rachel xx

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