India May Disclose ET Existence

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    Don't get me wrong, I HOPE its true and I have no doubt there is life elsewhere in the Universe.

    I just find unbelievable this idea that a great conspiracy of silence keeps the earthly existance of little green men a secret for all but the chosen few.

    Consider: One of the most powerful men in the world had some extra-curricular oral sex in his office, and within a few years, *EVERYONE* knew about it.

    The better the story, the harder to keep the secret. A secret involving aliens on earth.... that's a pretty big story.

    ~Quotes, of the "hoping I'm wrong, but just being practical" class

  • Unfettered

    check out

    read through and view the testimony of some fairly high ranking officers including the first hand account of Colonel Philip Corso who was the head of the Foreign Technology Division at the Pentagon and served on the white house staff for one or maybe two sitting presidents. Read his book... interesting stuff... this disclosure project has been pushing for open congressional hearings where these over 400 witnesses from military and FAA want to come forward and testify. If we had a court case to judge a mans innocence regarding murder and there were 400 high ranking and well respected witnesses that came forward to testify against him, he'd be convicted and dead fast.

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    You're right. That picture was one of many fakes made by Billy Meir. Whats really funny about having Russel in the cockpit was that supposedly those ships were from the Pleiades. So maybe he did actually speak with you know who.

    I would really love for ETs to be real but its a secret they just couldn't keep. The disclosure project is interesting but its all anecdotal testimony. Can any of it be verified? Corso's book is just bunk. I'm surprised it was still published after the release of info on Project Mogul.

  • the_classicist

    This article has one major thing in common with JW publications: no proof (ie., citations). All this is is hearsay.

    If inter-galatic aliens wished to introduce themselves to humanity, I think they would've been able to overcome the various 'secret' agencies of Earth. But if there really are aliens conducting secret anal probings and spying on us, who cares? I'm not a redneck.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent
    If we had a court case to judge a mans innocence regarding murder and there were 400 high ranking and well respected witnesses that came forward to testify against him, he'd be convicted and dead fast.

    No, you're describing heresay evidence. No one can be (properly) convicted of anything on heresay evidence and noone should believe anything on heresay evidence alone either.

    At best, you can say 'Mmm... maybe somthing's going on here but without more evidence I can't really say what". That's where we're at with aliens, ghosts, & god.


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    People have been convicted to death for much much less.

    The project Mogul stuff is bunk. The documents show the project mogul experiments didn't happen until a couple years LATER.

    The FAA witnesses have a plethora of tapes that recorded the radar returns.

    Eye witness reports are not "here-say" you might like to study law terminology little more.

    Either way, skeptics will never been convinced until an alien lands on their door step... even then a skeptic will say, "prove you are an alien from some other planet... otherwise I'm just going to assume you don't exist or are just some genetically modified human with awesome technology."

    On the other hand there are people who will believe anything you tell them. I try to stay somewhere in the middle. If you take the time to investigate the evidence, it's abundantly clear there is some "alien" presence. As to it's nature that's another question.

  • Midget-Sasquatch


    If the FAA witnesses have radar returns and other verifiable evidence then I'd be very interested in that. The disclosure project has been held up for a while though even from when I first heard of it. What gives?

    I was a young teen when I first read The Roswell Incident coauthored by Charles Berlitz. IIRC it was the first book that promoted the story. But even then, I was thrown off by the actual description Brazel gave of the debris he found. It was from the original newspaper article that broke the story. Sticks like balsa wood? ringlets? foil? --- it sounded more like a kite to me and not like a ufo. But I was too hooked to let this passion fizzle out. I'm still a ufo freak to this day.

    Notwithstanding, the Mogul balloon trains do match up very well with the debris as originally described by Brazel. The tape with purple designs they used even explains the purple "heiroglyphics" on the "ibeams". Project Mogul fits the time frame as well. One of the ballon trains they sent off, went missing just about the time of the "crash".The dummy drops were years later though. I agree with you there.

    I still like following these stories though and even have [email protected] running on my PC.

  • TresHappy

    From where did this come from?

  • Unfettered

    Treshappy, that is quite obviously a giant alien supermodel... and I'd like to know her number :)

  • Unfettered
    If the FAA witnesses have radar returns and other verifiable evidence then I'd be very interested in that.

    I'd suggest actually viewing the videotaped testimony as well as investigating each of the strongest more closely.

    Several of the testimonies are backed up by multiple witnesses for any one experience. That is most definitely NOT here-say. Of course personal experience is always best. I'm not a "believer" in every crackpot story, but the evidence of alien intervention and witness testimony goes way back farther than 1947. I had a personal experience while my wife and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I was out running on the beach at about 3:00 a.m. in the morning and stopped to stretch. The stars were out bright and clear. Suddenly one of the stars expanded brilliantly and fell burning in a streak... at first I thought it was a shooting star. However, after falling what seemed like somewhat toward me it made a curving arch left turn (not a striaght right angle but with a little curve in the corner of the turn) and then ASCENDED again out of the atmosphere into orbit where it looked like a normal pinpoint of light like a satelite again and I tracked it over head until it passed over the hills behind me.

    Was this an alien craft... not likely... my guess is it was government craft that is not public as I don't know of any public aircraft or space craft that could pull that manuever coming into the atmosphere so low and then ascending again. Although the turn was not a perfect right angle, the turn was way tighter than any aircraft I know of operating at that speed.

    Anyway, although my experience doesn't prove aliens it DOES prove that secrets exist and ARE KEPT that we are not privy to. President Clintons affairs with monica hardly constitute a breach of national security and I cannot see any comparison between the two things.

    As to Roswell I think there has been a lot of bunk associated with it, but there is also a lot of evidence that seems to strongly suggest there is more to it than simply weather balloons. I think if you search for and read through ALL of the evidence and not just the evidence that is provided to you in a certain way by specific parties either for or against it being a UFO you are left with it not being totally proven or disproven. There are glaring holes in the explanation given by the military. Did you see the show done recently where they were able to enhance and read the letter that was in the hand of the officer posing with the "weather balloon" material?

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