God's chosen people are always very bad...?

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  • Gill

    If I remember the bible accounts of God's chosen people, the Jews, they were always bad, disobedient and up to no good. Because of this they were alway being punished severely for their thoughts and actions.

    Since this is the case, could it be that the JWs really are God's chosen people? I've never met such a naughty lot!

    Nasty, hypocrictical, uncaring, gossipy, slanderers and looking forward to every one else in the worlds imminent destruction! Now that's not nice!

    So what do you think people?

  • kls

    LOL,,,,,,me thinks you right.

  • mkr32208

    And drunk... don't forget drunk...

  • melmac

    I always wondered how Jehoober almost always made a bad choice of servants. Apart from some like Job (and even that is not a very strong example), the ones chosen eventually went astray.

    Guess He should've know better that we are "just flesh" (and how about that "Jehoober won't tempt you beyond your capabilities"?).

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    My thoughts are that we are made in the image of God, and when we are born, we are perfect. It's when we get older that we get bad ideas, influences, all that stuff.

    I am a born again Christian. My sins are washed away in the blood of the Lamb. Witnesses counter this with: Well, if you know that you can sin no matter what, why would you go straight? Well, the answer to that is: to please my God.

    God's chosen people were just that: people. Every day, ordinary people. They had sins. But they kept striving and that is what is most important: to strive to be the best person you can be every day and not hurt anyone.


  • Elsewhere

    I can't help but think of Noah... god's chosen man to save humanity from a flood (caused by the same god).

    Noah's son caught him in a drunken stupor running around naked. How did god's main man respond? He cursed and condemned the son for calling him on his behavior.

    Somehow this reminds me of how the WTS likes to punish those who point out what the WTS is doing wrong.

    Hell... maybe the WTS really is gawd's chosen organization! They have the foul behavior to back it up!

  • Gill

    Good point Elsewhere! I'd forgotten all about that!

  • Gill

    Countrygirl! I have to disagree with you about babys being perfect! This would imply good wholesome behaviour. Take it from me, I have five children, they're naughty from the start. My first son developed teeth by the time he was three months old and set about trying to amputate my nipples, since I was still breastfeeding. Every time he bit me, hard he would giggle and giggle. I became a nervous wreck after he drew blood and I was left with a tooth mark for a scar. Needless to say I had to stop breastfeeding.! No they are NOT perfect as babies. Far from it.

  • upside/down

    Let's not forget the always popular fornication and loose conduct- that's the calling card for many a worshipper of J.

    They just seem to always have a hankerin for it...


  • upside/down

    In all fairness to "God", it wouldn't have mattered who He picked the whole lot of us are usually up to no good!

    He even states several times in the Bible that His people suck! He even tried to exterminate them more than once. It was merely a promise to Abraham that kept it all going, and in the end He even backed off from that deal. God isn't bound to a "decision turned bad". He's changed gears many times. Free will means He can't stop people from choosing to make "poor" decisions, unless your really "special", like a prophet or something! We should feel lucky to not be so blessed!


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