A Powerful Anti-Doom n' Gloom Fact

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  • Norm

    Here is something I posted somewhere a few years ago. I think it is still valid:


    Facts for the insanely stupid.

    Some unbelievable stupid people, bent on spreading doom and gloom actually believes and even claim that, war, pestilence, hunger, natural disasters and crime, has killed more people in this century than in any other century before. These people at the same time is actually even using the so-called "Population explosion" as yet another doom and gloom sign!

    Investigating demographical data quickly reveal that the reason for almost zero growth in population for centuries in the past was due to the enormous loss of life in; yes you guessed it, war, pestilence, hunger, natural disasters and crime. Many times in the past the death rate was exceeding the birth rate and there was an actual decrease in population. When mankind's ability to deal with these age-old problems became better and better we have seen an enormous progress made in the last 50 years.

    Some of the reasons for the unprecedented growth in population.

    A quick look at some of the UN reports show us that Infant mortality rate in the whole world in 1960 was 123 dead per 1000 population. In 1996 it was 60 per 1000. An astonishing progress. In 1970 the average life expectancy in the world was 56, in 1996 it was 63, with India particularly making a significant progress from 49 in 1970 to 62 in 1996. And, China from 61 to 69. In those two countries which today have almost half of the worlds population, was through earlier century's experiencing horrible periods with war, famine and pestilence which many times killed millions of people They experienced their last hunger disaster in 1928-1929, where around 3 million people died. Josue de Castro, the author of "The Geography of Hunger", estimated that during the 1800s, 100 million Chinese died from hunger alone. The development in both China and India in this century has been amazing compared to earlier times. The infant mortality rate in China has decreased from 140 to 38 in 36 years, which is an excellent indication of the positive development in the country. In India the rate is respectively 144 to 73.

    Its amazing that anyone who claim to possess something which could be passing for a brain doesn't understand the simple fact that you cannot at the same time claim that there is an unprecedented number of people killed by, war, pestilence, hunger, natural disasters and crime. And have an unprecedented increase in the world's population! Even severely mentally handicapped people should be able to understand that the large increase in population is simply because, war, pestilence, hunger, natural disasters and crime, doesn't play the same role in keeping the population down as it did in earlier century's.

    But still we see people like Jehovah's Witnesses and their dumb brick buddies actually claiming this. It is in fact very embarrassing to behold such a display of incredible ignorance and stupidity. But it serves as an excellent example of how you end up when you only rely on the insane Watchtower propaganda, and let your brain rot and decay.

    Well, I know that this information goes way above the head of the Watchtower lobotomized people, but I am posting this for the benefit of those who are able to tie their own shoelaces. As usual you guy's will probably have a fit of hysterical laughter, a seemingly common reaction with you when encountering something as complicated as this.


  • stillajwexelder

    and life expectancy globally keeps creepin up - in the US it is now 78 years old - -ALL DOOM and Gloom = all should read the Sceptical Environmenatlist sometimes - do you remeber in 1972 - the world would run out of oil by 2000 - weell its 2005 35 years of increasing consumption later and the oils stocks and reserves are higher now than in 1972. Things are improving not getting worse

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