A Powerful Anti-Doom n' Gloom Fact

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  • metatron

    "Worse and worse" - so the Witness mantra goes. Are things really worse?

    Consider a recent quote (The Herald examiner pg. 8 , Dec 2004)

    "According to separate studies from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and Canada's Project Ploughshares,

    both the number of people killed in war and the number of conflicts across the globe fell to their lowest levels in the post- World -War

    II era during the last year. Claims that the world is now in chaos are wrong."

    Scared that Osama Bin Laden might try to blow up a US city? Consider a recent rumor that making the rounds in Washington.

    It suggests that if a major city gets nuked in the US by fanatics, the US has quietly said it may vaporize Mecca out of existence.

    Bin Laden has reason to pause - considering the eternal loss of Muslim holy sites - knowing that Bush might be crazy enough

    to do it. Likewise, Egypt is "stuck" with peace with Israel because they know the Aswan dam could be quickly destroyed in war.

    In 2004, the US spent 4 % of its GNP on national defense. During Vietnam, it was 10 percent. During WW2, the US lost an

    average of 300 men per day - in Iraq , about 2 per day.

    And the tsunami? I don't ever remember such a remarkable ourpouring of international generosity as with this disaster.

    Nations were shamed - and competing with each other to 'give more' - all to help little brown people ( mostly Muslim)

    in far away places most people can't find on a map. That's progress.


  • JustTickledPink

    Yes, that fact was also evident with the latest hurricanes, they used to be deadly because we had no warnings... now with warning and better building, there are few deaths.

    So, less people are dying from disease, less from war, less from natural disasters.

  • frankiespeakin

    I really believe that as a species we are evolving more and more in the altruistic direction as our awareness expands.

  • melmac

    The WT is going to say that just as the wordlies are saying "peace and security", then Jehoober's day will come as the pains of birth...

    You just can't win with those people.

  • metatron

    Exactly! I think you've nailed it with that thought that we are evolving towards altruism. Attitudes are changing in the world

    and the Watchtower has missed it completely.


  • GetBusyLiving27

    A great book to read regarding this subject is "The sign of the last days - when?", absolutely destroys the myth of a composite sign that the dubs still hang on to. Just reading about the plauges themselves are enough to realize how effed up that whole idea is.

  • AlanF

    Excellent post, metatron!


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    hmm.. in 2004 alone, discoveries and advances (each of them phenomenal whether or not you agree with them) included the following (from BBC News):

    Water on Mars, : Nasa's Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity discovered compelling evidence for the prolonged existence of salty, acidic water on the surface of the Red Planet.

    Indonesian "hobbit". A team of archaeologists made the mind-blowing discovery of a new species of human that stood only one metre tall and lived on the Indonesian island of Flores. <--i wonder how the JW's explain this, btw?

    Human cloning. South Korean researchers made headlines across the world after announcing they had cloned human embryos, the first published and "peer reviewed" evidence this technique could work with human cells.

    Understanding condensates. In 2004, scientists made giant leaps in understanding ultra-cold gases called condensates, shedding light on some key problems in physics.

    Hidden DNA treasures. Stretches of "junk DNA" proved to be far more important than previously thought. They turned out to be essential for helping genes turn on at the right time and in the right place.

    Pulsar pair. Astrophysicists discovered the first known pair of pulsars, spinning neutron stars that shoot out jets of radiation.

    Declining plant and animal diversity. There was disturbing news this year about the decline of species diversity from large studies that surveyed amphibians, butterflies, plants and birds.

    Water on tap. New results on the structure and chemical behaviour of water could reshape fields from chemistry to atmospheric science.
    Medicines for the World's Poor. "Public-private partnerships" emerged as a force in 2004, according to Science magazine, affecting the way medicines are developed and delivered to emerging nations.

    Genes in a Drop of Water. This year, researchers hit on a new way to identify lifeforms too small and too remote to see. They collected water from diverse environments and sequenced the genes floating in it.

    I.G. Y. (Steely Dan)
    Standing tough under stars and stripes
    We can tell
    This dream?s in sight
    You?ve got to admit it
    At this point in time that it?s clear
    The future looks bright
    On that train all graphite and glitter
    Undersea by rail
    Ninety minutes from new york to paris
    Well by seventy-six we?ll be a.o.k.

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free

    Get your ticket to that wheel in space
    While there?s time
    The fix is in
    You?ll be a witness to that game of chance in the sky
    You know we?ve got to win
    Here at home we?ll play in the city
    Powered by the sun
    Perfect weather for a streamlined world
    There?ll be spandex jackets one for everyone

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free

    On that train all graphite and glitter
    Undersea by rail
    Ninety minutes from new york to paris
    (more leisure for artists everywhere)
    A just machine to make big decisions
    Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
    We?ll be clean when their work is done
    We?ll be eternally free yes and eternally young

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free...

  • Satanus

    Good points. While there is gloom about the american economy, a look at the bigger picture shows, i would estimate, a record number of people bettering themselves. That includes countries such as china, india, and others in that area.


  • Unfettered

    doesn't really make sense does it? that a benevolent creator would notice mankind getting better and more altruistic/loving and so decide that is the appropriate time to destroy them? ok... well maybe the Jehovah of the Hebrew scriptures makes sense... he's kind of cranky.

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