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    Insofar as "rules" are concerned, "worship of God" is defined by whatever procedures and expectations, as usually backed up by a written text, that a particular culture or politic accepts as sacred. Does their definition of such as "sacred" make it so? No. It's circumstantial, and transitory.

    You have a very limited view of worship, if you only allow that definition.
    What about peoples that still only use oral tradition. If I'm not much mistaken that would take in most of the tribal religions of the world (e.g.Aboriginal Australians). Are these people not worshipping?

    Besides, I wasn't asking if you had respect for another's beliefs, merely stating that it is normative for people to worship something (even if it is themselves). I guess, by my wide definition, I would have to ask you what you put in first place in your life...

    how far back in time would you choose to define "modern age"?

    The last hundred years?
    The industrial age?
    Since the "enlightenment"?

    I was thinking particularly of the last hundred years, but I'm happy to go back further if it would be more accurate. However I understand that even "Origin of the Species" was produced during a time when "god-bothering" was still prevalent.

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