"Your Reports HAVE To Be Turned In By The 6th of the Month!"

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    BluesBrother I like your style!

    The secretary at one congregation was almost always behind in his paperwork and the BOE assigned me to be his assistant (on top of the other work they gave me as an MS).

    It was my job to call up people who still didn't hand in there reports by the 4-5. The secretary could generate the list but didn't have the time to make the calls. The amount of missing reports varied from about 5-15 each month. I hated that job and could only imagine how much of a pain in the @$$ the publishers must have considered me to be. I didn't want to look like I was some nosy organizational flunky and said that the secretary didn't have anything for them and to call him if they had something to report. But they almost always would just tell me the numbers and to pass it on for them. Quite a few sounded like they were pulling numbers out of thin air.

  • Undecided

    Do any of you remember the big poster with all the service data on it in the front of the KH? I can remember adding up all the service slips but don't remember what the name of this position was in the congregation. Do they still have the little time slips and the box to put them in?

    I don't recall anyone falsely reporting time. We would always keep up with the start time and the ending time, but ocassionally we would make a call to start the time and drive way out in the country to do our house to house work. I'm sure glad I don't have to do that now.

    Ken P.

  • lazyslob

    I never lied about hours. My normal report was 0 hours 12 Mags. I just took first door and offered the last 6 mags and 90% of them took it, next door the same, total 5 min. no more mags. I didnĀ“t round up the 5 minutes to 1 hour. It made them to call me few times.

  • snakeizz

    thank you guys for reassuring me that folks lied about their time....I always said this to my mother but of course her live and die for the orginization a** believed the JW's didn't do anything wrong....what she didn't know was that I always added extra hours and magazines to my time....I hated talking to the brothers about ANYTHING over the phone...it was always in regards to something I didn't want to talk about anyway! And for the record once again, I hated field service!

  • redskymedic

    I wish I had thought to lie about my time, lol. Heck, I lied about everything else, why not.

  • ko38

    I lied on my time once that I recall.Ifelt so guilty that before I left the hall I went back to the box and tried to pull the slip back out to change it.These days ive noticed some pretty crafty ways to get time in and have bible studies.Regular pioneers are great at starting a study and then have their spouse go with them(so they can count time)then if the householder has kids the spouse pioneer reads to them for about a half hour and calls that a bible study.They dont bring the friends along on those studies.Regular pioneers must be getting some strong admonition from pioneer school to get baptism candadates at any cost.

    These days if a parent they are studying with does not get baptised right away they bring up baptism for their children and how it will be a protection from the world.Especially with those teenage years coming up soon.(at last years dc there was a 7 yr old baptised)That would have been unheard of back in my day.

  • Mary

    Last time I was called for my field service time was when I said "show me the scripture where Jesus said you have to report how many hours you spend preaching." I haven't been called since.

  • Balsam

    Gosh you mean I could have been fudging on my reports of time? Darn why didn't I think of that. I was aways so darn honest to the egg heads.

  • orangefatcat

    Call me a chump I must have been so gullible. I would be honest with my time. During the last nine or tens yrs as a witness I had only a few hours to report sometimes one hour and some time non.

    One month my ex husband would put my time in for me if i was not going to the meeting and he one time put down 12 hours and I didn't have any time that month. I told him how could he lie like that and he said I am sure you had that much time. Yes right out of thin air I said. So for several months I never put time in because of what he did. I began hating the ministry when I saw how much hours ment to the organization and the put downs you heard if you didn't get at least 10 hours in a month. I pioneered several years and disliked the dishonesty of friends who would gossip about those who didn't get out in the service. All the time it service service service. Never mind helping the sick or elderly in the hall. I really began to hate it all. There were so many phony witnesses it made me sick. On more than one occassion the brothers spoke to my sister( the one that pioneered with me in Montreal}. Her very transparent friends told her that I was a terrible example as a pioneer because I never curled my hair or wore make-up and my clothes didn't match. It made me so made. These ones had the nerve to report me to the society and I recieved a letter from the Society that I was n't setting a proper example and that I could be remove as a pioneer. I w as totally livid. I hated them so much and I guesss truly in my heart of hearts thats when I began to question the witnesses and the organization because they didn't know me from a hole in the head and yet they judged me without ever speaking to me.

    I made a real ruckess about the whole thing. Several of them finally apoligized, but it was to little to late the damage was done. I think in a previous post I mentioned it was nine or ten years that I started my downward spiral but come to think of it it was really after all this shit happened. After the circuit overseer spoke to me and he was a good friend of mine and I showed him the letter from the congregation elders and the one from the Society. He sat down and apparently spoke all night with the elders in our hall and he wrote to the Society to tell the organization that lies were being spoken about me. I thanked him greatly . But like i said the damage was done.. It was in the same congregation that Mouthy (Grace} was in..at the time.

    Well i am sorry I have hogged this post forgive me, I just start typing and my hands didn't want to stop. Bad kitty bad.

    Love Orangefatcat..

  • buffalosrfree

    I had it out with the book study conductor and the secretary over this, I was a rebel, I didn't report time my last 18months as an active dub, In fact I didn't even use the wt and awake mags either and I'm sure, that bothered them too. Mybook sturdy conductor use to get so mad, he wouldn't speak to me ( thank you lord), and when seeing him out in public he tried to ignore me and so I took it upon my self to really embrass him when he pulled that.

    This b.s. to time, thats used to judge your spirituality, your motives, your abilities, etc. etc. etc. I wasn't in the school shorting after joining it. I was a master instructor at one time and didn't want or need the b.s. they called a ministerial school what a load. Get someone up there and public judge what they did as if the supposed janitorial instructor they had knew anything about being an instructor. Buff

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