Godly Obedience in 2005

by truthseeker 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • snakeizz

    per Voyagers post....the same thing happened here in Milwaukee....for as long as i can remember, the conventions have been held @ the Dane County colisuem in Madison, WI...(a very outdated place) now they have to go to some other place in Rockford IL because attendance in Madison was so low....yet they are a "growing" orginization and the "little one shall become a thousand"....<======= does that still apply to JW's?

  • seattleniceguy
    At the meeting this week, a whole 25 minutes was taken up on what to do regarding accomodation at the district convention.

    Ay-yai-yai. I used to hate those parts. I'd be one of those people trying desperately to make an insightful comment, but it's hard to have something deep to say when they're spending 25 minutes telling you how to tie your shoes. It's amazing how true it is that when you treat people like children, they really and truly act like children.


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