Godly Obedience in 2005

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  • truthseeker

    Yep, "Godly Obedience" is the theme for this years district convention.

    You know the WTS will be hot on obedience this year.

    Expect more WT articles asking for money (as obedience to Jehovah), asking for more pioneers and elders, and making this a matter of obedience.

    It's getting worse.

    At the meeting this week, a whole 25 minutes was taken up on what to do regarding accomodation at the district convention.

    Brother Zealous said if we're not obedient to the instructions that the faithful slave has given us, we undermine the hard work the Society puts in to arrange these provisions.

    Godley obedience means we will attend all three days at our convention.

    This cult makes me sick. Everything is about Jehovah; Jesus just does not figure in anything, unless they feel the need to quote a scripture or something.

  • Voyager


    Absolutely right truthseeker. Accommodations are big business and because some areas are lacking the JWs move on to another area. One news article said that due to a (lack) of accommodations there was a (huge) loss with the JWs. It went from 64,000 JWs to a scheduled 16,000 JWs.

    Its at the bottom of this thread: http://www.13wmaz.com/news/top_stories.aspx?storyid=9851


    After several canceled meetings with city leaders, Marshall says that process is at a standstill.

    Marshall told Eyewitness News because of its lack of accommodations, the Centreplex has lost business.

    She says they've gone from serving 64,000 Jehovah's Witness delegates in 2003, to a scheduled 16,000 in 2005.

    Marshall says for three years in a row, the group opted to use the Gwinnett Civic Center in Atlanta.

  • TheListener

    I couldn't agree more. That 25 minute part was pure BS. 25 minutes devoted to how to make reservations and act in a hotel, and barely a minute on what the actual convention will be about. That will come later. Can you imagine - we need 25 minutes to discuss something so mundane. I never realized the amount of control until the last couple years. I always felt that everything was for my benefit. Now I feel duped. Instead of saying here are some good suggestions for where to stay, they make it a matter of obeying god himself. And we (they) even have rules and regulations about when and how to make reservations and how soon to send in your deposit (do people really send checks for the deposit anymore?). The only thing worse than this part will be actually attending this thing.

  • Goldminer

    We're renting a cottage by the lake,screw their motel arrangements.I'd be embarrassed to call a motel and identify myself as a jw wanting to rent a room for the convention.We use to have this problem where people went home the first night and would rent rooms at 3 or 4 different places then they'd wait and see where their friends were staying,then ,,,,you guessed it,they'd cancel the other rooms.Meanwhile the motel had to turn down some people cause they thought they were booked for that week-end then they end up with a bunch of empty rooms.

  • JustTickledPink

    May I ask why some of you are attending? No judgements, just curious as to why?

  • TheListener

    Some of us go to keep peace in the family. Also, it's a great way to see packs of scantily clad women roaming the corridors looking for guys. Not that I notice

    If you don't go to the convention you kind of show your cards. You will probably not be considered fading; but faded. If you're not ready for that then going is the only choice.

  • minimus

    "Godly obedience" is one weird expression!....Who ever says," I must employ 'godly obedience'? Stupid.

  • heathen

    What they mean is obedience to a publishing corporation which is the same as Godly obedience . From what I've read in previous threads on the board is that they like to book hotels so they can can get a group rate and possibly even a suit for some higher ups at no cost , never mind the rank and file , they can sleep with the cockroaches , this from a billion dollar corporation , wow I can feel the love .......... OHHHHH wait a minute ! It's just my stomach turning again ........

  • 95stormfront
    Some of us go to keep peace in the family. Also, it's a great way to see packs of scantily clad women roaming the corridors looking for guys. Not that I notice

    I attend, usually just one day, just to appease my wife. Don't konw IAf I'll be attending this year yet though....waiting for the schedule to come out, find out which week she wants to go to, then I'll book reservations at the hotel of my choice. Me and the wife don't do "roach coaches" anymore.

    Of course, those scantily clad women do appear in and out of my peripherial vision every now and then.......

    I married.......not dead !!!!!!

  • Poztate
    Accommodations are big business and because some areas are lacking the JWs move on to another area.

    When you first think of the word accomodations you think of motel-hotel rooms.

    A secondary meaning is "a settlement or agreement or a loan of money"

    I would suggest that in the last few years many large city venues are no longer willing to "accomodate" the JW.

    They used to have breaks on the parking in Vancouver B.C.They used to be able to keep all the concession closed

    and bring in own food.They got a break on the rent and supplied "free labour" to clean up.

    Greater Vancouver has one million plus people.Most dubs live within commute of the area...AND YET..rather than pay they extra costs all JW conventions will be moved once again to Kamloops B.C. This is a drive of 250 miles.The boys that run the show are not worried.It might cost the individual dub more but they will make their profits back with the lower rental cost of arena and the skim they take from the motel bookings.

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