Why do witnesses HAVE to use only hotels on the list for the conventions?

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  • Poztate
    The discounted rates are obvious. But, I have always wondered if they shake down the hotels for kickbacks. It could certainly be done, and I wouldn't put it past them, but I don't know for sure....

    The discounted rates were not obvious to me.A week after the DA I phoned the same motel room...requested the same room and was given the EXACT SAME PRICE without it being a dub discount.Something SMELLS about this whole arrangement.

    The Witness people are stupid enough to submit to it all. I was the most stupid of all. I deserve what I got.

    I don't think so Gary.When you saw the [email protected] happening you got out.That is more than most dubs will ever do in their lifetime.

    I love your Okies series on www.freeminds.org You should link to it more often,remember we got a lot of new "poztates" here and lots of them could use the laughs.


  • garybuss

    The conventions are "their" conventions to promote their business interests and introduce new products. The Witness people's role is changing. It used to be the Witnesses were the sales force and the public was the target market for the products. Now the corporation employees like Circuit Servants and elders, are the sales force and the Witness people themselves are becoming the target market.

    I always had a hard time understanding how the Watchtower magazine was a product designed for non Witness people at the doors of indifference. The content was more ABOUT the anointed class. Now the content is more designed FOR the Witness people. Written TO them.

    I think they are seeing 12 or 14 million a pretty fair market.

  • garybuss

    Thanks Poztate, The evidence was all there. I saw the drinking and the shady business practices and the double standards and I forgave it all so I could stay with the group that I thought I was a religion because it was easy for me. Honesty and the courage to stand up and speak against the Witness people came hard for me . . . and late. I was 30 before I quit associating and I tried a couple comebacks after that because I was still a believer at the same time I was a non believer.

    My self esteem was so low I just couldn't believe I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. It was a bad spot. It meant everybody I knew for my whole life was wrong and I was right that they were wrong. It was a mountain I couldn't climb.

    While I was ignoring their sin and crimes the Witness people were indoctrinating two of my sons right under my nose and I let them get away with it. That was very stupid of me.

  • ezekiel3

    I noticed many of the hotels on our list this year have dropped their "normal" discounts and are now charging for parking and not providing a comp breakfast. Is the negotiating power of the WTS dropping?

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