Were you the owner of a lonely pet?

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  • JH

    I knew so many JW's who were always gone in the service or at the meetings and week end long conventions, that their poor pets were always alone.

    I really felt sorry for these pets. I was no exception, and today regret leaving my pet alone all these days.

    I guess that the JW Org doesn't encourage JW's to have pets, because they want all the attention.

    Were your pets lonely in your JW days?

  • dh

    I am my lonely pet, LOL

  • Billygoat

    Honestly, I rarely remember any brothers and sisters having pets. Unless they lived in the country. Almost every KH I went to, pets were an unwritten no-no. Why have a pet when all it does is take time, money, and energy away from Jehovah??? That and the fact that when we were finally in the New System, we could have a pet lion if we wanted.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    "pet"? what is this "pet" you speak of?

  • shotgun

    What...you heathen..you didn't take your dog in service with you.

    I made up for it by petting all the dogs and cats I could in service, even letting some of the dogs chase me back to the car.

  • Gretchen956

    I have to say the JWs do not corner the market on this one. Our neighbors had a pit bull tied up in their back yard for a long time. The only time they came out there was to feed her. They NEVER walked her, talked to her, played with her, no contact at all except to plunk food and water down. They did have a doghouse.

    I think this is animal abuse, personally.

    My dog is not starved for affection!


  • jwbot

    My poor pup, she would be so depressed if alone so much. I already dread getting a "real" job.

    Anyway my parents dog was so loved, I did not think she minded being along a couple hours here and there although occassionally she would tear up a garbage bag or two...

  • Aude_Sapere


    I 'rescued' a big-ish dog. Then left her couped up in a condo (no yard) for 18 hours a day.

    When she started behaving oddly, I took her to a vet and was told that she was probably bored and a bit depressed.

    I felt very bad but felt trapped with work and meetings and pioneering. Sad. Very Sad.

    So I got the dog two cats to play with!

    That helped some. The cats are allowed to sleep at the foot of my bed. One keeps trying to curl up next to my pillow. Sometimes I let him...

  • Country_Woman

    No, my dogs weren't left at home when there were meetings - They always went with me and waited for me in the car - giving me an excuse to leave the building (congres a.s.o.) because I had to walk them out.My family was'nt willing to do anything for the dogs while we were to a congres, so I had to take them with me. (all other worldly occasions: no trouble at all, there was always at least 1 brother (blood) who would walked the dogs out.....

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