Non internet infor on UN scandal..please!

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    Thanks Angharad and GermanXJW!

    I've just read through and printed the info from these sites.

    I will be getting in touch with both the Guardian and the UN still, though I expect the UN letter reply, if I get one may be the same as the one on their web site.

    Thanks again!


  • AlmostAtheist

    Gina called the Watchtower (718-560-5000) today and just asked them if they had ever been an NGO with the United Nations. Of course, we knew that they had, the UN's own web site confirms it. But her mom was very skeptical, and assumed that some evil apostate (probably me) had hacked the UN's web site and inserted the information. It took her talking to a few people, but somebody who's name she didn't get finally admitted that they had in fact been an NGO. He made all the standard excuses, of course, even going so far as to say, "We're not a government, and we are an organization, so by definition we have always been a Non-Governmental Organization," but the point is that he did admit to it.

    Why not get your family to give them a call? Or set up a three-way call with them and the Watchtower. Then they can hear for themselves.


  • jgnat

    By the way, the UN - NGO section is absolutely baffled and overwhelmed by the volume of mail received by JW's and ex-JW's. The posting of this letter on their official website was an attempt to stem the tide. I am sure they are tired of responding to people worldwide on behalf of an organization which has already formally turned their back on them.

    I think this basic denial is a symptom of an organization highly distrustful of anyting not printed in their own magazines. How sad.

    Are you sure a print of the online letter would not suffice? No web-marks.

    I like Almost-Athiest's idea. Bug the Watchtower. Tie them up in knots instead.

  • ko38

    The UN NGO is explained away easily by the elders.For me one thing that has my mom thinking is that JESUS is not her mediator.The society still believes though rarely makes the statement that "Jesus is the mediator of the chosen ones"The great crowd benifit from being associated with them and can recieve everlasting life on earth.

    I doubt if even half of the JWS understand that the wtbts believs that the greek scriptures only apply to the annointed class.It sure conflicts the fact that JESUS died for all mankind.

    I brought this to my moms attention and she didnt believe me.I told her to ask an elder and of course she said she didnt have to and that this was not so.

    She wont read anything except the wtbts.Guess what? I got very lucky and purchased an original "millions now living will never die book"I know she will pull the new light thing but it will still chip away at the stone....................................Thank you all for the great ideas and support in our fight for our loved ones.........................KO38

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    No Apologies

    You could always do what I did, find the nearest UN Depository library at, then go there and find a copy of the DPI-NGO member directory printed between 1991 and 2001 and see the Watchtower Society listed there alongside dozens of other groups, many of them religious in nature. Make a few photocopies of the relevant pages, and share with the family.

    The UN NGO is explained away easily by the elders.

    Yes they have their story explanation straight now. The rules have changed since the WT joined. Sounds good, too bad they have absolutely no proof to back this up. And it still doesn't explain why they fulfilled their end of the agreement by printing dozens of articles in Awake! during the 90's...

    No Apologies

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