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  • upside/down

    Got a Dell 8400 with all the "bells and whistles"- Big ultra clear flat monitor too. Set me back almost 2G's.

    But man this machine SCREAMS!!! I've been to Best Buy with my specs and they can't even match it.

    The customer service is awesome and I have 4 years AT MY HOME service, with no deductible and full replacement (no depreciation) even if I spill a drink on it! Not only that it looks bitchin!

    I'm sold


  • teejay
    Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, HP, etc... all of the major name brands offer excellent computers. They all have their fare share of limmons, but most of the computers are very good.

    Never owned a Dell, but seems like every single person I know who owns one loves it. Still...

    My first pc almost 10yrs ago was an IBM PS1. Loved it. Not a single problem.

    The next was a Compac laptop. Loved it. After 2yrs when the screen went caput, I went something like 5 or 6 days to have CompUSA repair it for free.

    For the last 2yrs I've used a Toshiba laptop. Again, not a single problem.

  • TresHappy

    I'm definitely a Dell Diva. Don't use anything else...

    TresHappy of I only use computers from Texas class

  • Dan-O

    One of our computers is a Dell Dimension XPS, and it's still chugging hard after almost 5 years. the only component that I've had to replace was the hard drive (after 3 years). The kids use it now, as our other two desktops are custom built units that I was able to assemble for less than Dell wanted me to spend on a new XPS.

    My previous employer standardized on Dell workstations & laptops nationwide. When you see a company buying from a single vendor to support the computing needs of nearly 50,000 employees, it's a slam dunk vote of confidence. (Well, either that or someone at the corporate office was getting some incredible kickbacks. )

  • Elsewhere

    I have the Hewlett Packard Media Center PC M1070n.

    It's great... it is very stable, I can watch TV on it, listen to the radio, record TV shows and burn them to DVD or save them as MPG.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I have installed DELL at places of business and my spousal unit, Kevan, and his dad both have Dell at my suggestion. Kev is on his 3rd dell. (I have an old Compaq Presario 2286 I bought in 99 in a closeout).

    The only problems I've encountered have been hardware errors: The operator had a screw loose!

    Really, their customer support is excellent, their pricing is good, especially with their promos, and I have been pleased with their quality.

    If you are looking at pricing, look at both the home system AND the small business system, you may be surprised at pricing structure between the two. Sometimes the small business department offers better deals. I saved my fa-in-law $200 by ordering through small business.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Oops, sorry, I see your talking Laptop. I've heard good things about both Dell and Toshiba. I'm gonna get a laptop next year and I intend on looking at both.

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    I use a Dell at home and at work. Great machines, never had any problems.


  • the_classicist

    I haven't used it in a few years, but when I did use the Dell Technical Support, it took about a minimum of an hour of waiting on hold listening to elevator music before you could get on with someone. And they try to do all they can, no matter how lengthy or remote to prevent a technician from being sent out (that's fair, i know, but annoying). Right now I just use a Compaq laptop that I got for school. I had a small problem, called up technical support. Some computer asked you a few questions and after about five minutes I was able to get throught to an actual person and had the problem efficiently resolved. So I would recommend HP or the cheaper Compaq.

  • the_classicist

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