when did you stop believing?

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  • Special K
    Special K

    Ahhhhhh. jb.

    I was crying uncontrolably so he slapped me in the face and told me to snap out of it I was going to see my brother in the new system anyway!

    That was just so so wrong on them to do this to you.

    Crying is a way to let out pain and hurt and what they did told you that you had to stop grieving your brothers death. That is just WRONG!. Sorry, that these JW people can't see that. It is so sad that they have been blinded by such a false hopes.


  • jb

    Thank you Special K

    What is sad to me is that many here have been told such terrible lies. Sadly my brothers death may have sealed my parents fate in this cult.

  • ACEofCAD

    I think I can honestly say that growing up in the Troof I have always had some doubts. Always having unanswered questions, always feeling guilty, hating to go out in service or to the meetings and having better "worldly" peers that witness friends. We were always much poorer than the other brothers and sisters, and we were always treated differently. I hated going to the meetings, because I felt like I was being ignored, pushed aside. I hated having doubts because the bOrg is all I had ever known. Shortly after an attempt on my life, a couple months ago, I was looking around the net and ran across this site, after reading many posts I felt releived. Here was a big group of people that felt the same way that I did. I do not feel so alone anymore. Thank You

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