you enjoy a good cigar now and then?

by Sunnygal41 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Xandria

    The smell of pipe tobacco I love, it brings back good memories for me. But the smell of Ciggies.. no. Strange huh ?


  • maybesbabies

    It's not so strange, sis! Think of what we went through, and our mom being a smoker. It's not weird at all!! I'm a smoker, and I'm sure I got it from mom, a sort of weird way of bonding with her after her passing. For me, pipes and cigars are a comfort smell, can't explain it either! I do know that I love the taste of a fine cigar (not all from Cuba are bad from drying out, especially when you have a direct connection and a walk-in humidor!), but that has been cultured in me from being around people who smoke them. One day, I had to try one, and loved it!

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