Why is it that a JW can't say Happy New Year?

by kls 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • fifi

    While phoning my aunt on New Year's Day to exchang greetings, I was surprised to find out that my mother (JW) had called her a few hours earlier and as first greeting had said "Happy New Year" to her. I think I wasn't as surprised as my aunt though, who lost her sister to this cult about 40 years ago.

  • cypher50

    Growing up, one of the few times I saw my family on my dad's side (the non-JW side) was when we had a big family reunion on New Year's Day. I wasn't crazy about my cousins but it was special to be around family and just having fun...then my Mom had that stopped because she felt it was another way of celebrating a holiday. :-|

    Thank god I am out of that BS.

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