Definition of an "Apostate"?

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    I remember they used to always make such a big deal out of apostasy as if it were the worst thing imaginable. So how is having freedom over your own life and making your own conscience decisions qaulify you for apostasy? lol Id sooner be apostate and have that then to sacrifice my life to them. lol But I think in the end its just one more tactic they use to scare people into being submissive and obedient.


  • Been there
    Been there

    So..........who was the APOSTATE? Russell or Rutherford?

  • upside/down

    When I started seriously questioning things I was told, this is Gods Org. be patient trust in Him, it always works out for the best.

    Rewind 20years: I was a young Catholic (very involved) and I was told WORD FOR WORD the same line!

    Than I'm at a business metting and complaints are being made about poor management etc. and guess what? WORD FOR WORD (substitute Company for God).

    This is what people in responsible positions say when they don't want to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Hell you could say that for any situation- and somehow it always DOES work out? The problem is the damage that's inflicted is usually fatal. But see- it did "work out" , now they are in a "better" place! HOGWASH!!!

    I reiterate the Bible seems to indicate the action of beating ones fellow slave as being the reprehensible act. If so, the question is who is doing the beating- surely this evil slave is identifiable, or again what's the point of the entire illustration?


  • aojumper

    Been There - Brilliant Question!!!

    This has been a most enlightening topic. The Word Apostate as used in the bible really has no negative connotations, per say, it's the BORG that has grabbed hold of it and made it a dirty word, it's just like in politics with words like "Global Warming".

    (((Sistaintheback))) I read your earlier posts, I'll keep you in my prayers. You need to know that the exit from this controlling entity is very difficult, especially when your family is still in - Mine is. I think shaking this monkey off you back is harder than a physical addiction because they have messed around with your entire sense of truth, with your concept of the world, and your place in it. Be strong, the wound will always be there but I promise it gets better and you will feel the ultimate satisfaction day after day of thinking for yourself and making choices based on your own solid foundation of ideals, whatever they are.

    Take Care


  • SeeSee

    Thought provoking...I looked "apostate" up, etymology and all. It is such a nasty sounding word, recalling the stench of the "Inquisitors" burning non-Catholics at the stake - to "keep Spain pure" in The Faith. Outside of the religious realm it is nothing more than "renegade" or "defector" one who has left a religion, political party or cause.

    Hooray!: I am a "defector"!

    Like in the old Soviet system...which when you think of it, operated the same way as the "Organization":
    * Centralized leadership;
    * control of every aspect of members lives
    * a priveleged class in leadership,
    * heavy penalties for those who questioned its authority,
    * a KGB-like spy network, with
    * neither constitutional protections for members,
    * nor limits of the power its leaders who act as judge, jury & executioner over members

    Also, like the Soviet Union, many people wanted to defect, but stayed out of fear of what would happen to their family.

    Doesn't this sound familiar?

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    a-pos-tate: noun: free mind

  • upside/down

    This whole "apostate" discussion totally reminds me of when I learned the "meaning" of the word "hell".

    I must now "adjust" my use of the word "apostate", as understood in this thread.

    I am now proud to call myself an APOSTATE. There I said it!


  • upside/down


    u/d (of the feeling nostalgic class)

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