So p*****d off - need to offload

by neverin 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • JustTickledPink

    It makes me sad for your Dad. I am sure he's thought he's been doing everything right, but maybe this is what it will take for him to see the LIGHT, maybe the LIGHT is getting brighter.

    Again, I'm sorry for you and your family.

  • confusedjw
    What gets my goat is that 35 years of loyal service to his cong means nothing.

    No truer statement has been made. You can be deemed worthless or an enemy in a very short time.

  • itsallgoodnow

    And they will tell you over and over again it's the "world" that will chew you up and spit you out. I guess they know how that works, huh! It's what have you done for me lately around there.

  • codeblue

    Welcome Neverin

    I am so sorry to hear about how badly your Dad is being treated and also sorry about your personal issues as well.

    A person's spirituality should NEVER be judged by anyone but Jehovah (Romans 14:10-12).

    Your mother sounds like more of a Christian than the JW's where you and your father attended.

    I find it interesting that the WTBS says the identifiying mark of a true religion is : LOVE. But, are they showing love to you or your Dad or your Mom? Sure doesn't sound like it!

    Keep posting and venting....things will get better!


  • outoftheorg

    I can understand your feelings Neverin.

    I was an elder and had much the same experience which caused me to bring the molesting of my daughter out into the open.

    For me it was the last straw.

    Maybe things will work out themselves and your dad will free himself as I finally did.

    Show a lot of love and kindness for your dad and mom and maybe he will see the difference in free people and the cult.

    I can recall as a child in the 1940's how different individuals would care for the elderly and sick.

    But even then, it was always INDIVIDUALS and never any organized provisions to help the poor and needy or sick members.

    The non jw's in the neighbor hood were mostly ignored if they needed help.


  • neverin

    Thanks to you all for your support. This is the only place I can come to reassure myself that I was right not to follow my Dad into the borg and also to see that perhaps there is hope of my dad eventually fading - not so sure about my two brothers (elders, married into it, kids etc) but perhaps they will see that it if it can happen to their dad they had better keep their backs to the wall to avoid the knives.

    Thanks again - I'm always lurking around so perhaps I'll have some happier news in the future.

  • nelly136

    i hope you and your family get to spend some real quality time together, maybe it'll help show your dad what hes been missing out on ((((never))))

  • neverin

    Thanks Nelly136. I've been laying it on really thick to my Dad lately. I visit Mom and Dad with my hubby and kids every week and phone during the week, whereas my one brother visits with his family but Dad has to collect them and take them home and my brother's wife is a nasty piece of work (Dad admits this even though she is a 'sister') my other brother moved 4 hours away just over a year ago and Mom and Dad have only seen their grandson 3 times. So much for all that christian love!

    I make sure Dad sees that my family have strong moral values, are kind to others, my kids are polite, my hubby is a real gentleman - all that and we are wordly too!!!

    The only downside is that Dad took the whole issue of how he'd been treated to the society and the elders who had been mean to him were told to back off and Dad remained an elder - although he gave up being secretary. I've said on here before that I think it would be cruel of me to push the truth about the truth to him as he is one of the old school who truly loves Jehovah although he recognises the infalability of the org.

  • ballistic
    get kicked in the teeth

    I've used that expression before neverin. It not only applies to 60 year olds but also people barely out of their teens who don't know their way in the world.

  • MsMcDucket

    Hi Neverin, all that I can say is those are some son's of biscuit eaters! I really dislike that stupid religion, and I hate it for what it does to families. Kiss and hug your dad for me. He's going to need all the support that he can get. Hopefully, he will come to realize that the organization isn't doing a dang thing for him, and then, start taking the time to relax and spend some time with your mom. He needs to be able to relax in his golden years!

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