great tribulation or no great tribulation that is my question

by BlackSwan of Memphis 20 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • blondie
    Up until 1970, the WTS taught that the GT started in 1914 and was put on hiatus in 1918 to start up in again in the near future. 52 years later (near future?) it had not started up again.

    OIC, note my quote above. The GT supposedly started in 1914 but was interrupted in 1918 to start at a future date. That doctorine was tossed out in 1970 (I was an adult then and remember the hoo-ha similar to the end of the 1914 generation in 1995). They changed to the teaching that the GT was to start at a near future date (thought to be 1975 in 1970).

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