great tribulation or no great tribulation that is my question

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  • JosephMalik

    The tribulation great or not is used in scripture as another way to describe the Gentile Times. Matt and Mark actually call it great tribulation and tribulation where Luke calls it Gentile Times and they put its start at the beginning of creation. Portions like the end of it can be considered as in Luke or all of it can be involved as in the Revelation regarding the great crowd. This tribulation began with sin where we can see its effects when Cain killed Abel and will continue until our Lord returns in the flesh.


  • XQsThaiPoes

    In short the tribulation is first and is a man made event. Nothing remotely supernatural. THe watchtower stated last year (2004) that they had no idea if it had alrady started, but they would know when it was about to be over (no duh), and related it to a woman in labor. Mathmatically the tribulation could last for days, to centuries, and is basically the a new generation of the crusades which erode the human race to near extinction (anyone thinks this sounds weirdly like battle tech).

    After in general most (all ) of the "religious" people are dead (I never understand this part) magically out of no place Satan mattereallizes along with his demon army and decides to kill the anointed (using bad jw math less than 8000 people which makes you wonder why he has not did it already). This starts armageddon. Now idiots of the world who apparently don't think Satan is bad, or assumes Jesus is evil Join satan for the sole purpose of killing anointed people that seem to be mostly gereartic, megalomaniacs, or slightly insane. Jesus comes nukes satan and the army of idiots (hmm maybe Jesus was evil) and armageddon is over. All the non idiots that did not try to box with god get to burry the corpses and live in Jesus' new communist police state. Oh maybe thats why people join Satan.

    This doctrine seems to be imploding under the "WTF was Franz smoking" clause article nine.

  • garybuss

    How the heck do they change "The World Has Ended!"? That seems like a too big to miss deal to me. Laughing as I wait for the last spit bubble to float away.

  • FairMind

    The Great Tribulation began in the fall of 1973 and ended with Armegeddon in the summer of 1975. I know this new system isn't what people expected but at least we know we won't have to die!


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    They're expecting a great tribulation like no other ever happened.

    I'm sure the JWs in the affected Asia area must feel it has already begun with this event. We sure felt it was nearly the end when we got hit by 4 hurricanes in a row here in SW Florida.


  • Raphael

    The new brochure released at last summers "Give God Glory" district conventions makes the point that the destruction of Babylon The Great, will occur suddenly - without any warning whatsoever - Jehovah will in an instant put the one thought into the minds and hearts of the political wild beast to suddenly turn on the religions of the will not be a gradual development. It will catch all , including Witnesses by surprise and that it will be a shock and awe attack.

    Not sure what has happened to the cry of "peace and security" , it seems to have faded into obscurity - some saying it may already have been made, however they still believe in a period of great tribulation culminating in Armageddon and that if you are not in the organisation when Babylon The Great is destroyed - you can kiss your ass good bye!

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    wow you guys are thorough. Okay, so I feel a little less dumb. Flip flop is right.

    How does general christianity view terms such as the great tribulation, elect ones and Armageddon compared to dubs?

    I watched the movie Left Behind. Bad acting, interesting theory. Does christianity have a view on the end times?

  • XQsThaiPoes

    As much as some hate to admitt it JWs are "true christians" when it comes to the armageddon dpt. Modern christianity has forsaken its mellinialist roots. Basically All christians are in theory suppossed to be acting as frantic and hair brained as us JWs because thats what the black (or green or burgandy) book says. Some place around ww2 or maybe korea main stream christianity decided the world was not going to end. Even thought they had finally invented the technology to actually end the world. If you glance the pages of most history books the great hordes, the black plague, spanish flu, and many events were considered the end of the world. For some reason it has become uncool to brandish armageddon around.

    Does anyone over 25 know why in the west( and what years) did main stream christianity decide to abandon the tradition of armageddon in favor of more PC ways to meet "the spirit in the sky".

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    They are converting to pretrib so they can CASH in on left behind!

  • OICU8it2

    I think as late as 1969 they thought the GT haad been going on for decades. I think I remember something about it in the Babylon book.

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