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  • BrendaCloutier
    Yes, the women had to cover their heads

    Hey, JW women are required to cover their heads at certain times, too. Usually with paper napkins or paper towels....

    I have had bad experiences with men of middle-eastern descent. I have had excellent experiences also. I have had worst experiences growing up white in a dominent black community and gradeschool during the late 60's; I was beat up on a regular basis, and my parents would do nothing about it. I understand more where the black kids were coming from than my parents lack of caregiving and protection. The only admonition I recieved was to "turn the other cheek". But it wasn't about religion. It was about 150 years of repressed and passed on anger.

    People are people are people, no matter what their religion or culture. If we learn to explore the differences with an open mind, instead of either closing our minds to it, or thinking it un-Politically Correct, we might just find we enjoy and even celebrate the differences.

    One of my favorite questions to ask is "where is your accent from?" And I've had responses that are from all over the world! People are pleased to be recognized as a little different and a little unique.

    I have gone to the toilet where I have had to put my toilet paper in a wastebasket (to be burned at a later time), and use the barrel of bleach-water to hand bucket flush the toilet. This is coastal villages in mexico. My favorite village just got power and phone 2 years ago. 20 years ago it was a cocaine running port. In another favorite village, the city water pump stopped working. It wasn't the city fathers who sit on city counsel that got it working, it was the city mothers! It's not necessarily poverty. It's just how things are done. When you get down to the basics of life it seems that life is much easier and friendlier.


    Peace begins with me

  • prophecor

    Wouldn't it be a great thing if we all could just learn from the beliefs and cultures of everyone, Buhddist, Shinto, Islam, and the wide variety of other religions?

    The tower of Babel thing has got me to wondering now, if Jehovah, or whoever really did break us all up in the begining, he must surely have been affraid that if we all didn't stop speaking the same language, that we would advance and propel ourselves through the future at such an incredible entity of humanity, there would truly be no single thing that would be unattainable for humans as a whole.

    It is truly a sad thing to see so much positive energy wasted on who's got the best God, when other cultures and religions have such depth, richnes and clarity in the way that practice their beliefs.

    As far as Islam is concerned, has anyone ever seen film footage of Muslims who pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca, the sea of humanity that swirl around that Kabal or whatever its called, no disrespect, as a unified, singlular entity, all wearing the same type clothing, with no ability to distinguish one man or woman from another, I know not much about their religion, but to witness that on film on the History Channel was a thing absolute breathtaking beauty.

  • stillajwexelder

    Is there still an outstanding Fatwa against Salman Rushdie despite his apology?

  • Narkissos

    Thanks Eyeslice.

    In France we have a lot of Muslims; most of them (from former French colonies in North and Sub-Saharian Africa) were settled here long before political Islamism came up. One thing we do know is that Islam covers a huge variety of beliefs and practice. Most Muslims are the most peaceful people you can think of -- in spite of decades of anti-Arab racism.

    My wife is Iranian, and so are my in-laws -- most of them still live in Tehran. They are not religious people at all. My brother-in-law was a mathematics professor in France and chose to go back and live there despite the political system. Although the hejab (practically: headscarf) is imposed on them in public places, women have equal civil rights in many domains (that is not the case in Saudi Arabia). A woman can divorce her husband on many grounds. Betty Mahmoody's book is a good laugh there, from believers and unbelievers alike. Shi'ism is a very different kind of Islam, open to mysticism and to art (the representation of living beings which is rejected in Sunni Islam is accepted in Shi'ism, confer the traditional Persian miniatures).

    Midget-Sasquatch already mentioned sufism in another thread. Many Muslim mystics are very close to buddhism. If you want to see something similar to the Johannine Jesus' statement "I am the truth", look up Hallaj.

  • ballistic

    I can't believe someone mentioned what kind of toilets they have as some kind of evidence of what their entire culture comprises of - I can just see it in some kind of kangaroo court in a Monty Python sketch.

  • prophecor

    Much is wrong with the culture of the west 74, I agree whole heartedly. We are seemingly to me, some of the most whiny, superficial and artificially sweetened of humans on the entire planet. We would do well to try to incorporate some of the strengths of cultures we are unfamiliar with.

    Man is most in fear of that for which he does not understand. There is, however, no excuse for ignorance as we all have access to so much knowledge right at our fingertips.

    Not discounting the troubles that are existent within other cultures and religions of others, just not wanting to throw the baby out with the bath water. Ladies, your concerns are truly valid.

  • one

    how long ago was it that the most powerfull, "progressive" and "democratic "country in America allowed WOMEN and minorites to vote?

    do you know women make less money (doing similar work) than men in most western countries?

    Do you know there are about 4 millions USA citizens by birth that are not allowed to vote for the president of the usa?

    Do you know that in the good olusa most of your earning is just to pay tax? (do the math) and then your tax money is used to go to the moon, vietnam and Iraq.

    do you know Chad of Iran was the best friend the usa had around the area? (supporting his government style)

    do you know the list can go on and on?

  • stillajwexelder

    and your point is?

  • eyeslice
    It's not the Muslim people's fault, ....... Like the WTS, it's the people at the top who control everyone else's lives who are to blame.

    Mary & Dansk - Nice summary.

    One thing we do know is that Islam covers a huge variety of beliefs and practice. Most Muslims are the most peaceful people you can think of -- in spite of decades of anti-Arab racism.

    Narkissos - thanks for the personal insight.

    Is there still an outstanding Fatwa against Salman Rushdie despite his apology?

    stillajwexelder - as far as I know - No. My avatar is really Salam Rushdie as he is one of my literary heros (I am not as good looking as he is though). He can be seen for a couple of seconds in the original Bridget Jones Diary movie; where they are at a launch party for someone else's new book.


  • one


    you ask

    and your point is?

    my reply is more in response to

    I think you would have come away with a bit different view of Iran, had you been a woman.
    it's their religion and culture that I find extremely offensive. Like the WTS, it's the people at the top who control everyone else's lives who are to blame

    than anything else.

    Can you see the relantionship now?

    do you have anything to say now?

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