Let's Hear it For The Charity of Islam!

by DevonMcBride 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillajwexelder

    avishai you are brilliant - that is what I wanted to say but could not quite put it into words - I also have muslim friends and like many muslims - I hate ISLAM - the religion

  • eyeslice
    Not all muslims are like this and it's unfair to judge an entire populace based on a few nuts.

    simon - that is so true. I lived for a while in a country with a muslim population of 100 million and all the muslims I came across there were decent, honest people.

    I will try and say no more on the subject - the last 6 books I have read have all been about Islam. I know there is bad in all religion but no religion on earth scares me (even JWs ) but Islam does - it is just fear with me.

    stillajwexelder - I think I know were you are coming from. Islam, like JWs, is a rules based religion. That was the point I was trying to make in a recent post I made about Islam. In extreme circumstances, allegiance to rules can easily be manipulated for bad, just as the no blood rule is manipulated for bad with JWs.

    Fear? Yes, I fear and hate all extremist fundamentalist religions because they feel they have the right, and the duty to make me change.

    avishai - we have to be careful about not being too paranoid. 150 years ago, Chrstendom had the same attitude. Britian and other European countries had empires and the church was an integral part of the empire. The church felt it had God's remit to force Chritianity on the 'heathens'. Hopefully, Islam will follow the same pattern of liberalisation as Christianity.


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