Tsunami could have a negative backlash on sincere JWs

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  • eyeslice

    The horrific scenes from SE Asia we have seen on TV over the past week will have an effect one way or another on many JWs.

    Yes, the hardliners will see this as a part of the prelude to Armageddon; "famine and earthquakes in various places". (Mat 24) This sort mentally dismisses the unequalled loss of human life, reasoning that most of these would have died at Armageddon anyway. Hence, they rejoice that only one or two brothers and sisters lost their lives, failing to grasp the magnitude of the disaster.

    On the other hand, I know that many sincere JWs are genuinely upset and saddened by what they have seen. Surely, these are intelligent enough to realize that God is not going to destroy 6 billion people in an Armageddon that would be a thousand times more devastating.

    The Armageddon message is going to be a difficult one to sell to the public over the next year, and I can see many JWs slowing down and beginning to ask some searching questions relating to this disaster.


  • Gill

    Eyeslice, yes may be a few will be affected in that way. But the majority of the 'unthinking' JWs will cling even tighter to the 'raft of truth' seeing this as evidence that Armageddon is just ahead now'. Sadly.

  • ballistic

    I agree with you eyeslice - there are a number on this board who tell of childhood nightmares about the supposed coming destruction, and there are those who are shamefull about the way they felt before.

  • cyber-sista

    I read a post someone had put up here about the 9/11 disaster a while back. That is what really opened their eyes to the JW teachings. The scene of the death and destruction caused by those NY buildings going down and those few thousands losing their lives was nothing compared to what their religion taught about what would happen in the "near" future. Were we really praying for the death of billions of people and the destruction of the world for the sake of righteousness? I have had to ask myself this question over and over again. I remember it was all rather fuzzy in my mind and I just figured God would take care of it and I wouldn't have to be concerned with the judging--he would know what was best, but the reality of what the WT religion teaches is not kindly towards those who do not spend their time working for the WT Org.


  • Voyager

    Eyeslice wrote:

    The Armageddon message is going to be a difficult one to sell to the public over the next year, and I can see many JWs slowing down and beginning to ask some searching questions relating to this disaster.

    I totally agree! I have already been receiving E-mails from friends who ask:

    1. If the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses (did not) forsee the Tsunami Disaster coming, then how in the world can they (forsee) even a (larger) disaster in the future such as that of Armageddon? After all, isn't God the (only) one who is supposed to know of the day and hour?

    2. How many testimonies will there be by many of the people who were affected by the disaster, to the effect that Jehovah's Witnesses were there to aid, but they aided their own first, rather than offerred aid to ANYONE else at the time?

    3. Why are there (different) stories coming from JWs that are (close) to the effected areas, than those stories coming from Watchtower Headquarters?

    4. Why are there reports of JWs stopping to fill (water) jugs at unaffected facilities, when the Watchtower Headquarters, claim that (funds) have been allocated to supply the JWs fresh water?

    5. Why do we see that there are indeed (trucks) that can arrive close to some of these affected areas, when the Watchtower Headquarters stated that (no) trucks, (such as their own) can be used to get supplies there?

    6. Doesn't the Watchtower (own) a couple of Yaughts, that could get some supplies to areas that are hard to get to?

    7. Couldn't the Watchtower put one of their (airplanes) at the disposal of some of the victims, and fly them back over here to the United States, if they are from here? Doesn't the Watchtower have Aviation approval to fly to other countries (anyway), due to the different Branch Offices being located in some of these countries (close) to the affected areas?

    In-other-words, there are going to be a whole lot of questions that will arise from this. And the (whole) world will get a birds eye view of just how (loving) the Watchtower Society is to their fellow man!

    Thanks Eyeslice!

  • redskymedic

    I'd like to see it open eyes, but I'm afraid that it will only cloud their thinking even further. It's amazing what that mindset/mentality has you programmed to overlook. I could not fathom praying for a worldwide scale of that destruction. It seems genuinely heartless.

  • Brummie

    I think many JWs have the same heartfelt response as may of us. However for the others, I remember when that kingdom hall was blown up in Australia and it came across the news, none of the 15 JWs I was with batted an eyelid. There are some people who just dont have a heart.


  • one

    negative backlash?

    On the other hand they could use the tragedy to show that humans are not too good and deserve gods attention soon..

    You see we come to your door trying to help you. The world does not care for you,

    A big tragedy or extraordinary has to happen for other humans to show real concern for you in a practical sense. Helping entities (red cross?) have paid workers and keep a good chunck of donations for themselves (insert a real case to prove)

    Other developed nations help to keep their influence in those territories, if people in the affected territory do not support a particular political system they get no help from that side..

    Then read 2Tim. 3:16 etc etc, and Mat 24 to prove disaster were to be expected...

    I am ready to go, Field service anyone?

  • Odrade
    Helping entities (red cross?) have paid workers and keep a good chunck of donations for themselves (insert a real case to prove)

    One, this is a big fat lie. A lie that the WT likes to propagate as a reason why JWs should only give their money to the WTS, rather than charities.

    Using your example, the Red Cross, over 91% of donations received are spent on services. Less than 9% on administrative costs. Lining pockets indeed. You bought that party line to the hilt didn't you. Do a little research yourself. Insert a real case to prove.

    Here is my proof: Look at the stats for another large Pacific NW group called MercyCorps too if you are interested, and get a clue.

    Red Cross:



  • Odrade

    By the way, I donated to MercyCorps. I think that trumps the two hours you will spend knocking on empty homes this morning.

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