Does anyone play online games ?

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  • Simon

    That's why we do it remotely by are we !
    What is Acrophobia? What do you have to do?

  • Roamingfeline
    Roamingfeline or will get you there.. You make acronyms. It's real time, in a virtual room with 14 other people. The "acrobot" gives you several letters either 3, 4,5,6,or 7 letters, and a subject. You have to make up something to go with the letters. Such as MDHF and animal subject, My dog has fleas.

    It gets pretty funny in there.. They have a clean side and dirty side. We always play in the clean, and it gives my daughters in the USA and I something to do together for fun! Come join us! I'm Ladywolf55 in there. My daughters are Jangel06 and Wlld dreamer. Give it a try!

  • Zep
    Does anyone play any online games ?
    I've tried Quake and most of the Command & Conquer stuff.

    Maybe we could organise a team event sometime ?

    Only played Age of empires and Doom over the phone.Tried once with the Net...but my server just hasn't got enough bandwidth

  • Pathofthorns

    So what game do i get then? Preferably something somewhat violent so I can kick all your a$$es!!


  • crisco

    Play tons. Lately its been TFC all the time! Also Age of Kings and the expansion. Starcraft some, UT some, tons of Warcraft II back in the day. Just started through Giants Citizen Kabuto, that is a treat for the eyes.

    If anyone wants to play online send me email or ICQ me - 538342. Evenings and Weekends Pacific time, I'm busy all the time but we might be able to set something up.

  • Seven

    Has anyone tried ST:Voyager Elite Force Mulitplayer Holomatch online?
    I play the single player game daily. Love this game!! Simon and Ang, you'd like it too. Mod info can be found

    Welcome to the board Crisco.


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  • crisco

    there was another brother bragging about that game, its the one that uses the Quake3 engine, right? Don't have it though, probably won't get it...

  • TR

    Never played online games before. A friend of mine is a major Star Trek player. I do like Carmageddon 1&2, all the Tomb Raiders, Motocross Madness 1&2.

    I just bought a Playstation 2, now I have to start collecting games for it. I have Ready To Rumble 2, and The Midnight Club so far.


  • thinker

    This is Thinkers Wife. My husband has downloaded a lot of good games from the net. A CD that is hysterical, is You Don't Know Jack. Count us in.
    Thinker and TW'S Wife

  • OrangeVale Bob
    OrangeVale Bob

    Any Baldur's Gate fans out there? BGII is great fun. Age of Empires II is good as well, especially the expansion pack. C&C Tiberian Sun would be good multiplayer and of course Warcraft and Starcraft. Then, of course, there's always MythI or MythII.
    Lots of games and so little time.

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