Celebrites in the Borg

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  • Kenneson

    Freedom 96,

    Here's the thread I believe you are referring to or one like it:


  • MungoBaobab

    This is frickin' amazing. Dwight Eisenhower and Ginger Spice both JWs. The TRUTH really is stranger than fiction!

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    The December 22, 2004, Awake has a story about a celebrity. Her name is Rosalia Phillips. Phillips may be her married name. She has performed with Arturo Castro and His Castros 76 in Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, New York, and Lals Vegas. She was also in a soap opera. She was also on the Hispanic version of Sesame Street. She was plagued by feelings of guilt through much of her career, but finally broke away and married a Bethelite, pioneered, served at the Mexican Bethel, and now has two small children being raised in the "truth."

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The golfer is Mark McCumber, a former Bethelite; and while he's been quite succesful, ``world famous" is a bit of an overstatement.

  • kwintestal
    She was also on the Hispanic version of Sesame Street.

    I hear now she ocassionally is used to do the voice and pull the strings of the GB.


  • mysterio91

    The rapper Bizarre from D12 (Eminem's group) has a line on their album that says "how would you like it, you were a jehovah's witness that always got molested".

  • what_Truth?

    Yeah I remember that d12 song. The thing is that bizzare makes all sorts of messed up statements in his songs so it's really hard to say if he's speaking from experience or not.


    I believe the famous golfer is Mark O'Meara. He supposedly became friendly with Tiger Woods and witnessed to him. I was also told by a moron/elder that Mark would whistle "We're Jehovah's Witnesses" while playing a round at the Masters or wherever. I was so impressed at the time.

    When growing up I always heard that the Nelsons of Ozzie & Harriet fame studied but just didn't make the truth (gag) their own. Oh yeah, Glen Campbell also supposedly studied and in my neck of the woods (actually closer to Avishai's )...Radar (Gary Burghoff) of MASH studied with some folks I knew. Alas...he didn't make the truth his own either. I think Radar has a 6th sense for bullshit. That's all I can think of that haven't been mentioned.


  • kaykay_mp
    The Wayan brothers were raised JW. I don't know if they were ever baptised but they are no longer active/practising JW's.

    they keep saying how their parents are all pissed that their doing the raunchy comedy thing. and i think the late Tejano songstress Selena was one too. laters kaykay_mp

  • kaykay_mp

    oooo! oooo! oooo!

    this thread reminds me of that Adam Sandler Hanukkah song!

    it would be funny if someone here could make up a song about celebs who are (or were) JW.....

    it's a stupid thought, i know...



  • Preston

    An elder from my old congregation claimed to have studied with Burt Reynolds. Another elder I knew studied with Dave Mustane from Megadeath. I heard Van Morrison say he went to meetings as a kid.

  • rekless

    Dwayne Blackwell song writer of "MR. Blue" THe Fleetwoods hit in 1958-1959 and "Friends in Low places", "I'm gonna hire myself a wino to decorate my home"

  • Heatmiser

    Stand up comic Eddie Griffin was most likely raised as a JW. He mentions it in his act when he talks about his Grandfather giving him a present on his birthday because he knows that nobody else is giving him anything because he is a JW.

  • stillajwexelder

    Hank Marvin a guitarist with the Shadows is an elder in a London UK congregation

  • one

    Michelle Rodriguez was raised jw, an star in the movies Fast and the Furious, Blue Crush, SWAT etc

  • BrendaCloutier

    My mom told me when I was 8 or 10 that Ozzie and Harriett Nelson were JW's and so were the kids.

    In the 60's the drummer for Baja Marimba Band came to our hall. He died the next year during ear surgury from a heart attack.

    Rumor had it that Neil Diamond did his "last" concert tour in '74 was because he had studied and was waiting for Armageddon. My parents wouldn't let me go to that concert because they were sure he was going to expose himself as Morrison had just done.... Yeah, right.

  • Mulan
    Rumor had it that Neil Diamond did his "last" concert tour in '74 was because he had studied and was waiting for Armageddon.

    Well I know that one wasn't true. We went to one of his concerts about 1978, at Christmas time, and he did Christmas songs and everyone lit their lighters to make it look like Christmas lights. Anyway, he's Jewish.

    Obviously the Nelsons were not JW's.

  • BrendaCloutier
    At the height of his touring popularity, Diamond announced a sabbatical from the stage to devote more time to his family, but in 1976, he resumed performing with record-breaking tours of Australia and New Zealand

    From his website www.neildiamond.com

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