Selling it at funerals too!

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  • Fleur
    Friends" and elders now started making comments about over-grieving and time to move on and have faith in the new system and ressurection from the platform.

    I remember her crying about the comments made to her in the ladies room. I hugged her and told her ,"Don't let ANYONE tell you how long you should grieve. You take as long as you need too."

    SOOOOO uncompassionate these people are.!!!!

    OMG! those inexcusable [email protected]*!&!

    You know, the talk being a recruiting tool is one more reason that I didn't go to my grandmother's 'memorial'. I would find no comfort in that, and I certainly don't need them to tell me how extraordinary she was.

    She deserved better.

  • myself

    I was going to write a rant about a funeral I attended today but I am too exhausted, mostly emotionally.

    The funeral was for a friend I grew up with. The service was at a funeral home, as my friend was not only df'd but had commited suicide. Double whammy by borg standards. The person conducting the service was a jw who gave a typical jw outlined drivel of a sermon. What hurt the most was that my friends name was mentioned at the beginning with the usual preceeded in death and survived by announcement. My friends name was never mentioned again throughout the sermon, only the drivel of what they thought would surely convert the non-believers who were in attendance. It wasn't even like a true funeral service, if I may borrow a comment from there "I might as well have been sitting at a "public talk on Sunday morning"

    *real rant to follow when I am up to it.

  • Fleur

    Oh, Myself, I am so sorry to hear about your friend (((((((((hugs))))))))). Another Df/suicide...that makes my blood boil!!! I have some experience with this myself, so hearing about another one gets me riled up.

    Sounds like they gave your friend the standard JW funeral. Pathetic. They turn everything into a freaking infomercial.

    About the 'survived by' thing... I was surprised they included me in the number of grandchildren that my grandmother was survived by on the little handout from the memorial talk. But my mom was ticked that they were planning on shunning me at the funeral and she took the thing and made a notation: she crossed out the number and subtracted me, and also subtracted my child who was the only great-grandchild. She did it to be symbolic that if they weren't gonna talk to me, they can't put me in the count. I wonder if in the end she had the guts to hand it to my uncle like she said she wanted to. She said if they didn't have me they didn't get my kid. I thought that was pretty good thinking for a "loyal" dub.

    Ready to listen to your rant whenever you're up to giving it (((((((myself)))))))


  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    aint nothing like a good catholic funeral...(went to my great grammas funeral)...alotta emotion. I like the fact that her life was celebrated. Definatly diffrent from da run a da mill lectures given at a jdub memorial. Memorial..isnt that like where you are supposed to remember da person, but whutta ya get.....mush, recycled mush. Cuz once you go to a memorial service they are all da same.

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