Is the Organizaton slowing down or are we just imagining it?

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  • metatron

    Don't be deceived. The Society does an excellent job of hiding the deepening malaise. Food service at assemblies gets

    dumped to be consistent with our "brothers in other lands". ( real reason: people are grabbing the subs and soda and not

    contributing). Subscriptions in the US get dumped to encourage "return visits" ( real reason: lack of contributions).

    A thousand or so Bethelites are eliminated - but the Society avoids the word "downsized". A large number of countries

    like Denmark report a loss of publishers so - surprize! - they declare that you can be a publisher by putting in 15 minutes a month.

    They lack growth in pioneers so they declare you can be a pioneer with 70 hours. Japan loses over 600 congregations

    but you never hear about it.

    Eventually, all but the most stupid and zombified Witnesses will catch on to this charade.


  • M.J.
    at best am offered a tract and they keep right on going and going and going...

    I was working in the yard one day when 2 Mormon missionaries stopped by and offered help completing my project. Perhaps making it a limited "tour of duty" for the young and enthusiastic works better. Perhaps one day the WTS may resort to instituting a form of this...

  • blondie

    I run into JWs from time to time. Every one has said that meeting attendance is dropping. They are the ones that take the count, so they know. Increases in many are the proverbial Musical Chairs, JW family B from Congregation A switches to Congregation B, JW family A from Congregation C switches to Congregation B, so Congregation B thinks they have a 10 person increase. But Congregation C loses 5 and Congregation loses 5, so where is the increase, and these are established JWs not "new" people from the outside.

    There is a reason the constant theme lately in just about every study article and every KM is meeting attendance, meeting attendance, meeting attendance. I can only account for my area of the US but things are dropping off folks. Attendance at the conventions is dropping off, especially on Fridays.


  • Poztate

    I know they are slowing down in my area but that is because of aging and not many young people moving in to pick up the slack.

    Most of the elders here are late 60's or older.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    in my area in new york city> i went past this k hall that i knew to be there for at least 35 years. and guees what. the new sign said BAPTIST CHURCH. Now i know they haven't built a new hall anywhere with in 5 miles in about 10 years. add this to another hall about 2 miles away that was closed about 3 years ago. i was so happy seeing that new baptist yesterday. so even here in the big city they are slowing down , or just selling off the property for the $$$$$$$ john

  • Gerard
    Re: Is the Organizaton slowing down or are we just imagining it?

    I think that education & research presented in this forum are making us immune to Watchtower's truth? and their excentricities.

  • Ghosthunter

    There is a nice park close to where my husband and I work in which we sometimes eat lunch. Imagine my surprise this summer when I saw a "For Sale" sign on the KH we have to pass to get to the park. Later on in the summer, some other church had bought the building and put their name on it (can't remember which denomination). To my knowledge, no bigger KH was built to replace it.

    No imagination here!


  • Elsewhere

    There is no doubt that some areas are in a "JW Boom" and if you were to suggest to them that the Org is in trouble they would laugh at you.

    The statistics are very simple: Over the years the amount of growth has been going down. Yes, this does mean that the organization is still growing... but the growth is slowing down.

    Even a freight train will continue moving uphill after the engines are cut off... but all the while its progress will be decreasing and it will eventually come to a stop and then start rolling backwards.

  • heathen

    Yah M.J ---- I wonder if the j-- dubs have some sort of underground railroad going with the illegals , they don't seem to have a conscience when it comes to keeping the money and numbers up. I really am calling into question the WTBTS goings on these days , I found out a long time ago , everytime I give someone the benefit of the doubt it always comes back to haunt me .

  • SallySue

    I moved to a new city about 11 years ago and so far only one JW came to my door and they did it so quietly I didn't hear them so they left mags. They don't know I'm d'f so that isn't the reason. I really think the work has slowed. When I pioneered way back in the old days (early 60's) we had to put in 100 hours.

    Reading the KM Dec 2004 instructing the "flock" on how to make hotel reservations... they are really control freaks... sounds like they don't have nearly the control they did years ago. Back in my day they didn't control as much as they try to today. They are slipping and they know it.

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