Are U.S. witnesses still morally superior?

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  • googlemagoogle

    being bisexual was part of the ancient greek culture... nothing immoral there.

  • heathen

    I remember that they were saying that alexanders father was very concerned that his son was a fruit cake and took measures to correct the situation because he didn't like the idea of the King being fruity . He was homosexual just that he later fell in love with a woman ( I think her name was cleopatra ) . It looks like an interesting movie and I will certainly be one to go and see it , I never give a crap what the fundies say . They love to strain out the gnat and gulp down the camel .

  • FairMind

    As an active (but not brainwashed) and fair minded JW I have found that many, many people have high moral do most all JWs. Most JWs have a problem with the fact that a non-JW can be a decent upright person. I am very happy that the US newspapers have reported on the moral outcry of many in our country. This helps JWs to see that people can be Godly and still not be JWs. If they see the truth about this then maybe they'll start seeing the truth about other things as well.


  • Dawn
    What really amuses me is that this critic is worried about the sexual morality of a militaristic dictator who killed hundreds of thousands of people. Talk about a lack of perspective!

    Gee - somewhat ironic isn't it?

    I have to agree with Gretchen too - you shouldn't try to change "history" because it doesn't fit the moral/political corectness/whatever. Perhaps the christians that are speaking out about Alexander should also be angry about any moveis portraying Lot and Sodom/Gomorah?!

    I'm a christian - and am quite frankly embarassed at some of the shallow and simple minded/close minded attitutudes that some other professed christians portray . But alas - we are all human and all somewhat simple minded in some areas - if we're willing to admit it I am sure each one of us can find an area where we're pretty much "My way or the highway" on. It's human nature. I know I've got my shallow zones too.

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    Regarding Alexander the Great:

    -it is true that he had intimate male friends

    - but he also married one Roxanne - and had a son to her, which surely proves he was bisexual!

  • Englishman

    JW's, being as it is, an American religion, will always seem stranger to UK'ers than Americans.

    To most Europeans the belief systems of JW's are as foreign as they could possible be. Also, the harshness of JW's treatment of others is not too disimilar to the harshness of the US penal system with it's draconian punishments, something the American citizen has come to accept, unlike his European counterpart.


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