What age group is more prone to become JW's?

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  • JH

    When I attended meetings years ago, the only new faces I saw were brothers and sisters who moved to our congregation from another congregation, or children growing up. I rarely saw new people who came because someone knocked on their door.

    Do you think that there is an age group more prone to become JW's?

  • dorothy

    I know a lot of people who responded to the door-to-door message who were just like me: single moms, little or no support from family, trying to do the "right" thing. In essence, vulnerable.

  • kwintestal
    In essence, vulnerable.

    That the major qualifier.


  • Tigerman

    I believe the "searching" age group is more prone to becoming JW's. To me that would mean people between the ages of 15 or so, to probably 25. Although, if one has an open and hungry mind then that age on the high end will increase . . .unfortunately.

  • M.J.
    In essence, vulnerable.

    Speaking of that, I had a tract dropped on my doorstep by the dubs called, "Help for the Depressed".

    I agree that the late teen/young adult age group is probably the most vulnerable.

  • blondie

    0-150 years of age

  • Coqueton

    Group? Ok... people with mental illnesses, those who are poor and don't want to work. Uneducated people and single mothers especially those who are on welfare with red headed kids. Mainly 24-45.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    from talking with jw's. i find the newer ones, are immigrants from the age of 45-60.

  • dorothy

    Coqueton: You should have stayed in the Borg. With your prejudices and judgmental attitude you would have gone far. Single moms on welfare???? I'm a single parent and am successfully making my way through college. Get out of your basement once in a while.

  • googlemagoogle

    i don't think it depends on age. it's more about the social environment.

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