Jehovah Witness struck by lighning while entering a Catholic church.

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  • hubert

    Well, it's not true yet, that I know of, but according to the beliefs and fears of j.w.'s this should be the headlines every week if it's the "truth".

    I've heard stories of ex-j.w.'s believing they would be struck by lightning if they went into a Catholic church. Didn't any of you go into a Catholic church, or other Christendom church because of a family relative's funeral or a wedding, etc.? I know some who did, and weren't struck down dead by God for doing it.

    I know this one ex-j.w. personally, that said she "would shake all over when going close to a Catholic church".

    Did any of you feel this way?

    What were the reasons given by the W.T. for these feelings about instant death if you went near or in one?

    Were you told outright by the elders that this would happen if you did?


  • Gill

    He he HE must have missed me then. I've been all the way to the top of St Peter's in Rome.

    I do remember being told that I had to stand outside the church by a fellow witness when we were invited to the wedding of a work colleague. We stood there like a pair of twits making a right spectacle of ourselves!

    But, we did believe that it was an offence that could lead to a public reproval at the KH.

  • heathen

    It sounds pretty absurd . I've seen some ex dubs posting on the board that have actually been to the vatican and it is probly some place many dubs visit in europe . How come they aint all dead ?

  • troucul

    I remember getting alot of flak from my workmates about discussing why I could go to the reception and not the wedding of worldly friends when invited. Who cares, those jokers can go to hell too.

    I remember going to family funerals when I was younger, (our family had a nasty habit of dying). While it felt wierd, somehow it felt right, I mean, how can you feel bad about paying your last respects to family?

    It's amazing how a bunch of ill-educated jackasses can will someone into denying their own blood.

  • seattleniceguy

    Unfortunately for the JWs, I think being struck by lightening while walking into a church would be almost impossible, because of the crosses and steeples and everything. You've got built-in lightening rods all around. So it looks like Jehovah will have to show his wrath some other way. God has a terrible time getting 'round those durn laws of physics! :-)


  • ezekiel3

    I can remember as a JW child being taken to countless Catholic churches for weddings/funerals.

    Also JWs-on-tour love to shop the cathedrals, Aztec temples, Buddhist shrines, whatever.

    Not a big issue except for a few JW fundies.

  • figureitout

    It bothers me a little I guess... Catholic churches are spooky in my opinion. I never felt guilty going to a wedding or fueral at a different church. Maybe I never had a good "christian heart" but that was their wishes and belives not mine is the way I viewed it. I have attended mass with my gf and that is weird. You sit there for a hour and learn nothing. 90% I am wondering if the are praying or singing or what. The whole mass is really weird.

  • acsot
    Also JWs-on-tour love to shop the cathedrals, Aztec temples, Buddhist shrines, whatever.

    Not a big issue except for a few JW fundies.

    I've never seen it as an issue either, even when on tour with COs, DOs, pioneers, Bethelites, etc. About 200 of us went to Israel and Egypt and on that tour alone I lost count of all the mosques, synagogues and churches we visited.

    Many dubs I know here in town have been to St. Joseph's Oratory where Brother André supposedly cured many people.

    As stated above, not a really big issue.

  • heathen

    figureitout--- I know the feeling been there done that . I remember back in the 70s the catholic church still liked to do mass in latin . Who the hell learns anything in latin ? I spent many a christmas eve in a catholic church waiting for santa or christ or somebody to show up . Nothing but an old priest and an organ player . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hey I was young then ......

  • BrendaCloutier

    Post fadeout, I had been to a few different churches, including a catholic church, for weddings and funerals. No lightening. And since I was there for a reason other than a regular service, it was "ok" as long as I didn't pray, get on my knees, or sing.

    However, when I had to get my arse to my first AA meeting, which was in the basement of a Baptist church, I just knew I was going to be struck down in some nasty way or another. I finally touched and opened the door. Nothing happened, expcept the door opened normally. I went in. Nothing unusual happened. I left. No lightening or anything else, except I now felt like there were people who understood and had gone through what I was going through.

    No lightening. No thunder. No demons. No big deal.

    I now make it a point when in Mexico to go into the Cathedrals and tiny chapels when I come across them. I even pray in them in my own way.



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