My Fascination With Nicely Shaped Jugs

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  • BrendaCloutier

    E-man, nice set-o-jugs! I like the histories, too

    I have a nice collection of dust bunnies.

    Since we have 3 cats, I have dust kittens.....

    I collect different things. I have several native american items. NW baskets, one old and previously owned and used by a current Makah basket artist to style her current work. SW pottery, including Jimez, Acoma, Zuni, Navajo, Santa Clara. A Zapotecan Rug (Oaxaca, Mexico). I have some pottery from an artist and several hawaiian made palm frond baskets from Hawaii. Kevan has a poi pounder, and tapa cloths from Fr. Polynesia. The poi pounder still has breadfruit on it! We have some mexican kitsh, and a couple of life-sized brass and copper birds - one a tucan and the other a mackaw. Left is Poi Pounder. This Quan Yin I've had since I was a teenager. I bought her with my own money, and my mom lectured me on buying a fertility goddess (shows how much JW's know), but let me keep her. I've always been drawn to her, and have several figures. I have several Buddhas, too. The vase I bought at an estate sale or thrift store because of it's grace. Front row is a Navajo coil pot, a chinese inscense burner, and a miniature NW Cedar Bark basket, made on the Makah rez. Kevan's mom's poi pounder is far more phallic! Hey, guys, think of the muscles the women built up using these daily! Peace Brenda
  • kaykay_mp

    oh, those jugs.



  • redhotchilipepper

    Very nice decor Englishman. I like the drapes too. I was a bit disappointed as well and I'm a woman. I wanted to see some real jugs. The jugs you have are nice too though. I agree with Kwin, nice Rack too. It looks very clean. Are you a neat freak like me? RHCP

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