How do the people who run the WTBTS Society view the Org.?

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i truely feel the people that write the wt books and mags , are well aware they are printing lies. . if i can look up bible verses and refrences they quote. and see they are lying . and i didn't write the articles , there is no way they don't know they are lying. i think they get off pulling the woll over the eyes of the flock.. john

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    The Society believes in one truth and they are the only ones who have it. To explain the inconsistencies in their version of truth, they use expressions such as, "the light keeps getting brighter." (Prov.4:18) They came out of the darkness and enjoy spiritual light. The 'world remains in darkness'. A good JW doesn't question changes in doctrinal understanding because that would be disloyal.

    They explain their previous position on doctrinal issues as children being taught by Jehovah. Jehovah didn't give them complete and accurate understanding because they were too 'spiritually young' to comprehend everything. You wouldn't reason with a child about matters that are beyond their understanding. Apparently, Jehovah wouldn't either. Isn't that comforting? Until something reveals their ignorance, they are going to present their version of truth as absolute truth. The flock is expected to fall in line and pick up the pieces, or their future will be dark.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    I think that perhaps the psychological need for the WTS to be "the truth" is even greater for the leadership than it is for the the point of self-delusion...despite having all the facts at their disposal.

    Ray Franz confirms that over and over again - and look how he was treated for beginning to see thru the nonsense while at GB - yes they think that they have the truth - although if any ever look around too hard they will have to know better - wouldn't they?

    Blind lead the blind!


  • Triple A
    Triple A
    I agree. Most follow it because of faith, not money.

    Sometimes money is not the motivator. In reading post through out this sight it appears that power and prestage is the higher facter.

  • Triple A
    Triple A
    Remember that Gorbachev kept his personal opinions to himself all the way to his rise to the top. Then he promptly dismantled the Communist machine.

    Sounds like Joseph Rutherford. He did not dismantle the WTS, but he sure sent it off on another track.

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